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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Elizabeth Taylor, February 27, 1932 ”“ March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

On July 22, 2010, Elizabeth Taylor tweeted “Hold your horses world. I”'ve been hearing all kinds of rumors about someone being cast to play me in a film about Richard and myself…No one is going to play Elizabeth Taylor, but Elizabeth Taylor herself…Not at least until I”'m dead, and at the moment I”'m having too much fun being alive…and I plan on staying that way. Happiness to all.”

Arguably was my favorite living actress, ironically she starred in the movie “Giant”(1956) with Rock Hudson and Dennis Hopper, with George Steven”'s direction.  Likewise this outstanding actress and beauty became a giant in her own right.  Lustrous, glamorous for sure, her life was “spirited”' or “controversial”, if for no other reason than she had eight marriages.  But, largely because of her beauty, for the life of me, critics had to wonder if someone so beautiful could be talented.  There always had been actresses with touching beauty–Rita Hayworth, Jane Russell, Lena Horne, Hedy Lamar, etc.,–yet Ms. Taylor captured the beauty as well as the controversy that surrounded her.
Taylor was a childhood actress. Her debut film was “There”'s One Every Minute” (1942) but it was her role in “National Velvet”(1944) where she had eyes turned.  She starred in over 50 years and a career of 70 years.  Some of the films “A Place in the Sun”(1951), “Giant”(1956), “Raintree County”(1957),”Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”(1958), “Suddenly Last Summer”(1959), “Who”'s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” (1966) are  classics.  Throughout her life she suffered from various illnesses.  She was a survivor.  By way of seven marriages and husbands, Taylor was Mrs. Hilton, Wilding, Todd, Fisher, Burton, Burton, Warner, Fortensky.  There”'s so much more I can say about Elizabeth Taylor but space won”'t permit.


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