Saturday May 21st 2022

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Thank you Tim for decades of gracious, dedicated work “Bridging” Minneapolis

By Harvey Winje

The adjacent article by Tim Springer is reprinted with permission from the Midtown Greenway Coalition newsletter “Pathways.” The Alley appreciates having this farewell in Tim”'s own words. Another article by a writer familiar with the saga of this Phillips resident and organizer who has done yeoman”'s work for nearly two decades. There are very people who have navigated the “mine fields” of funding, regulation, political and bureaucratic protocols and egos, successfully for such a long time. Thank you, Tim, for your gracious, dedicated service to this Community and to the City. Because of his initiatives in marshalling hundreds of Greenway workers, the future is bright and even greener. You have truly “bridged” many obstacles assisting many citizens of creating this wonderful amenity to our lives”“the Midtown Greenway.

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