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Monday July 15th 2024

What”'s on your mind? What makes you optimistic about life in the neighborhood? What makes you angry. Tell Wendell Phillips on 11-11-11

Phillips Community is named after Wendell Phillips an extraordinary champion of racial and economic justice. Just how cool is that?   The community”'s name announces to the world that the people of Phillips stand for equality for each of us and justice for all of us!

Phillips was born 200 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. He became famous across the USA for hating slavery, condemning racial prejudice, demanding women”'s rights and defending Indigenous peoples from land-hungry white people and the US Army.

Everything he demanded back then is just as important to the people of Phillips today.

What if Wendell Phillips came back to life today? What would he say about the continuing abuse of immigrants, the continuing spread of poverty, police brutality, and violence against women, gang violence and white racism? What advice would he give the people of Phillips?

Find out by coming to Wendell Phillips”'s 200th birthday party on November 11!

No, Wendell has not come back to life, but the person who knows most about our community hero will be there to talk with you. Es contento hablar contigo en espanol igualmente como ingles!

He”'ll act as if he REALLY IS Wendell Phillips. He”'ll wear clothes just like the ones Wendell Phillips once wore. He”'ll sound like Wendell Phillips once did when he talks to you.

He wants to learn what you think about the Phillips neighborhood. He”'d be happy to give you his opinions about what”'s wrong and what”'s right in the United States you”'re living in today. He wants to learn what you”'d like to see happen to make our nation freer and more equal.

So show up at Wendell Phillips”'s birthday on November 11. Tell our community hero –Humanity”'s Hero– what”'s on your mind, what makes you optimistic about life in the neighborhood and what makes you angry.

Y recuerden, Sr. Phillips puede hablar efectivement en espanol!


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