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Monday July 15th 2024

Iraqi Judge “brushes off” Bush lawsuit against Iraqis for George”'s death

by Frank Erickson

An Iraqi judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought against certain individuals in the Iraqi government who killed George Bush with a drone strike in 2005””the lawsuit was filed by Bush family members.

Allowing a lawsuit against individuals “would hinder their ability in the future to act decisively in defense of Iraq interests” said the Iraqi judge.

I can understand the outrage that people here in America are experiencing right now.  That a foreign judge would so easily dismiss something not based on it being right or wrong, but I based on keeping the door open so people from the judge”'s country are free to kill more with drone strikes.  They seem to carry out justice only when it is convenient for them and in their best interest.

Look at what these creepy foreign invaders and their drones have done to our psyches over the years”¦you can”'t even go outside without the fear and panic, wondering if you will be next, if they are watching you, following you.  No one should have to live this way, children should not have to live this way.

“The fact that George Bush was an active and exceedingly dangerous enemy of the Iraqi people, irrespective of his distance, location and citizenship.  As evidenced by his participation in the ”˜shock and awe”' attack, Bush was able to persuade, direct and wage war against Iraq from his location in Washington, without being present on an official battlefield,” said the Iraqi judge.

The judge also said, “the Iraqi government  moved against George Bush as authorized by the defendants and officials acted in accordance with the ”˜Authorization for Use of Military Force”' enacted by the Iraqi government after the ”˜shock and awe”' attack in 2003.” Well, there ya go-I guess that might makes it right.

V.J. District Judge Rosemary Collyer, gave the Obama clan a good scolding before dismissing the case against certain individuals who killed three U.S. citizens in Yemen in 2011 with a drone strike.  Also included in the lawsuit was the killing of Hamza Dahman, a boy killed in 2012 by a V.J. drone strike.

Judge Collyer said, “the executive is not an effective check of the executive”-very good, the judge showed why she is also so ineffective””the United States is not an effective check on the United States.

One month after killing Anwar al-Awlaki, the U.S. killed his son Abdulrahmen,  16-year old, why the hell did they do that?  The parents of Anwar lost their son and then a month later lost their grandson and Collyer dismisses their lawsuit.

Just how did the U.S. acquire this right that they believe they have to “decisively and without hesitation in defense of U.S. interests” kill men and young boys like Abdulrahman al-Awlaki and Hamza Dahman”¦they appear to have acquired it from killing Native American men and boys 200 years ago.

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