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Curious about another threat to East Phillips Community Center?

Cockroaches may have been our “canary in the coal mine” at Cockroach Park, the neighbor”'s name for the East Phillips Park for the four decades since housing was demolished.

By Brad Pass, Chair East Phillips Park Community Design Team

Once again East Phillips Cultural and Community Center has uncovered a deeply dismaying setback. Serious hazardous pollution was discovered as excavation proceeded this spring as if the struggles to gain political support, funding, and an appropriate design were not enough,. Borings and beginning excavation last Fall did not find this problem.

Foundation rubble from houses demolished in the early 1970s left small quantities of numerous pollutants; asbestos, lead, ash and fuel oil, and others thoroughly intermixed with the excavated soil. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) require all excavated material be treated as hazardous waste and disposed and new soil brought substituted. The total cost of removing this and purchasing more clean fill and top soil far exceeds budgeted project funds.
The solution proposed by the Park Board was to reduce the building”'s size and function by:
Eliminating 1,000 Sq. Ft. at the south end of building designated as the Elder and Family Gathering Space;

Eliminating all commercial kitchen equipment: refrigerator, freezer, range, exhaust hood, fire suppression system, make-up air system, and all counters, cupboards and storage cabinets;
Eliminating the sound attenuating system in the gymnasium.… Read the rest “Curious about another threat to East Phillips Community Center?”

Curious about a United Phillips plus Waite House Proposal for Phillips Pool and Gym Community Center?

The Phillips Pool and Gym Community Center on East 24th St. between 10th and 13th Avenues closed for repairs and awaiting operating proposals.

by Robert Albee, Ventura Village Secretary
The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has set July 9th as the date by which interested parties must submit their applications for future leasing of the Phillips Community Center. The Park Board has clearly stated that they are interested in proposals compatible with, and complimentary to MPRB programs and services and have a good reputation and an interest in the community being served.

Accordingly, successful applicant/s must have the resources “to renovate the interior and exterior of the building and provide rental income to offset the building utilities, operating costs and provide for long term building maintenance and operation of the project.”

Curious about Seward”'s Folly and Sarah Palin?

By Harvey Winje
The only connection of Seward”'s Folly with Seward Neighborhood in Mpls. is the namesake””William Henry Seward, 1801-1872.

Seward was a staunch fighter of slavery and, in fact, was so outspoken that it probably lost him the nomination to the presidency in the year that Abraham Lincoln (a country lawyer, an Illinois state legislator, a member of the United States House of Representatives, and twice an unsuccessful candidate for election to the U.S. Senate) won the nomination of a new political party called Republican. He had been the 12th Governor of New York and a U.S. Senator from New York.
After winning the presidency, Lincoln appointed Seward to be Secretary of State. Does this sound familiar? A Congressman from Illinois becomes President after winning nomination from a Senator from New York who then appoints his previous adversary as Secretary of State?.

Seward was stabbed in a associated, conspiratorial assignation attempt the same night that Lincoln was killed.

Seward survived and continued as Secretary of State under President Andrew Johnson, Lincoln”'s successor.

It was during that time that on March 30, 1867 he negotiated the purchase of the 586,412 square mile territory of Alaska from Russia for $7,200.000. It was broadly considered to be a wasteful purchase and thus was called Seward”'s Folly.… Read the rest “Curious about Seward”'s Folly and Sarah Palin?”

Mayor Rybak Appoints Sue Hunter Weir to the Heritage Preservation Commission

Are you curious about history, how we preserve and celebrate history in Minneapolis, and who writes it?

by Harvey Winje
If 19th century Irish poet and author Oscar Wilde is correct that “any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it,” then, who we commission to preserve and celebrate our local and national history is very important. Selection of those to lead us in acknowledgment of our past do well in listening to American historian Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison”'s advice, “an historian should yield himself to his subject, become immersed in the place and period of his choice, standing apart from it now and then for a fresh view.”

Sue Hunter Weir, our own local, Phillips historian, is a hands-on chronicler of the past who does “yield herself to her subject, become immersed in the place and period of her choice,” and stands “apart from it now and then for a fresh view.” She toils in the soil planting flowers at our own Cedar Avenue and Lake Street Cemetery and she rummages through scores of newspaper archive pages to tell the stories of those thousands buried there.

Perhaps agreeing with Alexis de Tocqueville that when “the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness,” a commission to preserve and celebrate our heritage was created by the City of Minneapolis in 1972.… Read the rest “Mayor Rybak Appoints Sue Hunter Weir to the Heritage Preservation Commission”

SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 15: The Ties that Bind

By Patrick Cabello Hansel

Our searchers, Angel and Luz walked west in the alley, holding their silence like a candle in front of their faces. They paused for a moment by the mural at Kaplan”'s. Angel said he knew some kids that had worked on it; Luz said that she did as well, and as they compared notes they realized that their world was both smaller and more connected than they thought.

They walked past the makeshift memorial in front of the store where Eddie had been shot on his way home from basketball practice. The teddy bears and dried flowers poked their heads through the fresh snow. At first, neither one of them spoke, but then, almost as if a wind had blown through them, they both sighed.

“What a waste,” Angel said.
“He was such a good guy.” Luz said.
Luz said, “I think I know who the shooter is.”
Angel replied: “I know I know who the shooter is.”

And in that moment they knew that their lives which were weaving together into the future, were also intertwined in the past. How far past they had no idea.

After they stood at Eddie”'s memorial for a few minutes, Luz asked, “Angel, where are we going?… Read the rest “SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 15: The Ties that Bind”

June 2010 Food Obsession: No Waste or No Waist

by Jane Thomson

It is criminal to waste food ”“ so thought my late husband, grandmother, and mother-in-law. My mother, on the other hand, said it was good manners to leave a little food on your plate.

Surprisingly, so does Michael Pollan in his new book Food Rules (do not pay $12 for this book). I am in the middle on this issue: I know that gross waste of food is very wrong. I also think that cleaning your plate when you are already full is a double waste, first of the food and then of your figure and your health. The waste needs to be curbed earlier. Don”'t buy more than you can use or preserve and smell it later, rotting at the back of your fridge. At meals, don”'t overload your plate, as in “my eyes were bigger than my stomach” (eat it all, and soon they won”'t be). If you are at an “All You Can Eat” restaurant, load up on vegetables and protein foods. They are the most expensive anyway, so you will get your money”'s worth.

Speaking of vegetables, here is a formula for Salad dressing or dip for veggies, hardboiled eggs, etc.
Combine low ”“fat or fat-free plain yoghurt with cocktail sauce and sweet pickle relish and/or dill pickle relish.… Read the rest “June 2010 Food Obsession: No Waste or No Waist”

Are you curious about a bamboo shirt or hemp socks? Bamboo, Cotton, and Hemp Clothing add comfort and sustainability

by Paul Wallick and Raymond Jackson

Many people are becoming more eco-friendly, by recycling and reducing waste. Global changes conditions suggest these are a much needed and appreciated lifestyle changes. There is also increased awareness of how other practices will help the environment and the sustainability of our planet as well.

The fabrics we wear and use can be a huge contribution to our own comfort but also to the more natural and less harmful impact on the earth. Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton use is on the rise to help combat waste.

Bamboo, at first feel, one notices the softness and comfort ability, while learning more about its eco-friendly existence. Because of bamboo”'s natural properties, which include moisture wicking, (keeps you dry); anti-microbial,(reduces odor); thermal regulating, (keeps you a few degrees cooler in the summer and a few degrees warmer in the winter); the t-shirts, shorts, pants and socks, are wonderful for yoga, bicycling and just an overall active lifestyle. In addition, bamboo is grown organically with no pesticides and fertilizers, which make it a healthy choice for you and the Earth!
Hemp fabric is four times stronger than cotton, so it lasts longer and gets softer with each use.… Read the rest “Are you curious about a bamboo shirt or hemp socks? Bamboo, Cotton, and Hemp Clothing add comfort and sustainability”

Maria Hoyos and Maria”'s Café Honored by the City

Are you curious what “working hard and staying strong can do?”

by Raymond Jackson

Maria Hoyos and her Café”' that she owns and operates received a Business Resolution award from Mayor R.T. Rybak and The Minneapolis City Council on January 29th. Maria”'s Café”' located at 1113 East Franklin Avenue, in the Ancient Traders Market, was recognized by the city for having been in business at this location for 10 years.

Having to overcome a variety of challenges leading to her success, the resolution presented to Mrs. Hoyos read: Maria”'s Café has helped to improve the city of Minneapolis and the Phillips Neighborhood.”'

Arriving in Minneapolis from Columbia, in 1979, Maria Hoyos brought with her a wealth of business experience. Combining that experience with her ability to prepare and present good food and good service, Maria opened Maria”'s Breakfast Club in 1993. Her dream of a full scale restaurant was kept alive and she added her private catering and country club experience to receive the opportunity to open Maria”'s Café, on East Franklin Avenue, in 1999. This opportunity was presented to her by The American Indian Neighborhood Development Corporation (new name of which is Great Neighborhoods Development Corporation).

Maria”'s continues to flourish, offering breakfast and lunch seven days a week and to make a difference, not just in the Phillips Community, but in the entire city of Minneapolis.… Read the rest “Maria Hoyos and Maria”'s Café Honored by the City”

Police, Adjective & The Ghost Writer

Police, Adjective

by Howard McQuitter

Police, Adjective (2009)
Twentieth Century Fox
Running Time: 115 minutes
Language: Romanian
Director: Corneliu Porumboiu
Bucharest detective Cristi (Dragos Bucur) trails a teenage boy who may be a hashish user, trying to find his supplier. Cristi would rather stop what seems to be overkill in finding small quantities of drugs on a 16 or 17 year old boy. Examining cigarette butts after the boy or his friends leave isn”'t what Cristi relishes doing.

Cristi”'s boss (Vlad Ivanov, “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days”) wants convictions; Cristi wants a far softer approach, clemency if you will, for a conviction can mean 15 years and ruin the boy”'s life, which is against his conscience. Perhaps his boss”' draconian approach to the boy (we never know his name) is rooted in the Ceausescu regime (1965-1989), a former iron-fisted Communist rule in Romania.

“Police, Adjective” is certainly not for everyone unless one has extreme patience. Waiting for something is an excruciating experience.

The Ghost Writer

Dave”'s Dumpster June 2010

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