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The Fantastic Mr. Fox & Sherlock Holmes

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Twentieth Century Fox
Running Time: 81 minutes
Rated: PG
Director: Wes Anderson

The adaptation of Roald Dahl”'s book to a movie by the same title, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, directed by Wes Anderson and written by Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach, is an ambitious and delightful project.

The old saying “sly like a fox” is more than apt for extroverted Mr. Fox (George Clooney). Barely escaping from a few chickens napping and a newly pregnant wife, Mrs. Fox (Meryl Streep), he promises to stop stealing chickens. After a hiatus, Mr. Fox returns to the scenes of the crimes by raiding coops of Boggis, Bunce and Bean, three farmers who ban together to destroy Mr. Fox and all his cohorts. Bean owns a cider factory which was broken into by Mr. Fox and his friends Badger (Mr. Murray) and Kylie (Wally Wolodarksy), to steal the bottles of cider. Will they get caught or will they outfox (pardon the pun) the farmers?
Ash (Jason Schwartzman), the son of Mr. Fox, competes with his handsome visiting cousin Kristofferson (Eric Anderson), the former is jealous of the latter.
As such, Mr. Fox”'s teasing the edges of danger is appealing to adults and children alike.… Read the rest “The Fantastic Mr. Fox & Sherlock Holmes”

Dave’s Dumpster February 2010

February 2010 Dave's Dumpster

Honors for You”¦An ABC-123 Open Letter of Help to Young Students

By TaShawn Moore

A.B.C”'s and 1.2.3”'s are just simply ”“ OBJECTIVITY!!! “A” is the object of what you are to become – An honor roll student. An “A” student is focused and willing to work hard for what they want to become wherein, they develop an amazing purpose in the lives of family, friends, teachers and others.

“B” is the object of making good decisions. This will carry you far in becoming ALL YOU CAN BE!!! Be what your Maker designed you to become. Be dedicated to school and your circumstances to make a bright future for yourself.

“C” is the object of looking within oneself and seeing themselves in a positive view.

This positive track will get YOU where you want to be in the future.

As for the 1,2,3”'s; these are the objectives of simple addition, multiplication, subtraction and fractions ”“ with this in mind, CONFIGURE an attitude that will give you the TRUE value worth of your life!

With that ALL being said – Stay motivated, focused, positive and bright eyed for a new way of thinking!!

Tashawn Moore is originally from Washington DC. and currently employed by Phyllis Wheatley Community Center in North Minneapolis as a second grade tutor for an outstanding title one program, called Academic Achievement Program; targeting students that fall below the grade average in reading and math with in school tutoring and after school tutoring for qualified students that attend Bethune Elementary School.Read the rest “Honors for You”¦An ABC-123 Open Letter of Help to Young Students”

Does Arson + “Accident” + Collusion = Demolition on Christmas Eve?

By Harvey Winje, Editor

The house once owned by Pauline Feldje, the maker of the first Minnesota Flag and other historic, cultural artistic productions, has been a controversial subject as the current owner wanted it demolished for parking until it was placed under a moratorium until its historic significance could be documented and evaluated.

Then there was a “fire”; apparently arson. Then a material delivery “accident” caused more damage to the building. So a building inspector conveniently declared the building “unsafe” and ordered it demolished on Christmas Eve when people, of course, are preoccupied and least likely to be aware or able to respond.

Proving, once again, “there”'s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Subsequently, the following week, the house was declared having Substantial “Historic Status” by the Historic Preservation Commission; “a day week late and a dollar short.” Don”'tcha lovbe it “when a plan comes together?”

Moment of Silence

By Peter Molenaar

Even as these words are written, another beneath the rubble has given up the ghost. The remaining resistance is fading”¦
Flashback to 1803. Given a plague of wars, Napoleon Bonaparte”'s France is a financial wreck. Concurrently, measures to maintain order in the lucrative sugar colony of Haiti are in jeopardy. Hence, the sale of some 828,000 square miles of “French territory” appears to be prudent (our own neighborhood is but a small parcel of this Louisiana Purchase). Every Haitian child knows the story.
Note: Following the logic of ancestral events, it appears that many of us owe our existence to the Haitian slave revolt!

Now see January 12, 2010. Nearly 12,000 registered nurses have volunteered for Haiti disaster relief””some 300 from Minnesota. They stand ready as the largest contingent of RN volunteers in U.S. history. National Nurses United is working around the clock to find deployment locations. “Medical facilities are completely overwhelmed”¦we are doing everything in our power to get these nurses engaged”, so states the NNU.

Time will tell. These nurses deserve a massive outpouring of respect from the whole of Organized Labor. They are the advanced guard of the moment. But the pitiful truth is, as of this writing, the logistics of deployment remain unresolved.… Read the rest “Moment of Silence”

WANTED: Male Mentors

By Raymond Jackson

Not only is Minneapolis in dire need of mentors for children, but cities throughout America are too. This is a need for all children, especially children of color and young boys. On Thursday December 10th, former editor of Essence magazine and founder of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, Ms. Susan Taylor, visited the Twin Cities to help launch the Minneapolis CARES Mentoring Movement. The Minneapolis CARES Mentoring Movement, founded by V.J. Smith, President of MAD DADS, an organization that reaches out to teens and young adults who are seeking alternatives to negative social interaction, is reaching out to the Twin Cities for help in locating mentors for the many parentless youth, searching for a brighter and more positive future. MAD DADS, Minneapolis Chapter, has existed for over ten years and has been very successful in turning lives around for the better! Mr. Smith says, “We are saving lives by helping young people not succumb to the negative forces around them! But we do need help in this effort, especially from men of color who have overcome the odds of not being successful. We need people to give just a few hours each month mentoring some of our children.”… Read the rest “WANTED: Male Mentors”

The Alley is Bound for the Future

30 Years of Alley Newspapers in One Set of 13 Volumes awaits trip to Franklin Library to be available to the community; printed on good, book paper and bound hard-covers.

30 Years of Alley Newspapers in One Set of 13 Volumes awaits trip to Franklin Library to be available to the community; printed on good, book paper and bound hard-covers.

Bound for the Future has two meanings for the Alley Newspaper in 2010: First, it means that the first 30 years of The Alley Newspaper”'s issues are now reprinted on good quality book paper instead of lower quality newsprint paper, and the over 4,000 pages are bound into two sets of 13 hardcover volumes. One set is available to the public at the Central Library downtown on Hennepin Avenue and the other is available at the Franklin Library on Franklin Avenue. This making of The Alley”'s into hardcover volumes was initiated by the Hennepin County Library. Alley Communications, the nonprofit that produces The Alley Newspaper, began raising money to have another set at the Franklin Library. An Alley volunteer spent a couple of hundred hours compiling a complete set for the Library to use for reprinting. Subsequent to the printing completion, the Library was able to use some left-over funds to pay for the Franklin Library set. This allowed The Alley to redirect the funds donated to date and, instead, broaden the public accessibility effort.… Read the rest “The Alley is Bound for the Future”

January Phillips What? Where? Contest

Photo #1: It”'s a sign? Yes, that”'s obvious. The question remains a sign of what? by whom? for what? Tell it all and your name goes in the drawing. It was a Model project in the 60”'s, closed, then opened, closed then?

Photo #2: It”'s a building? Yes, that”'s obvious. What building? Where is it? Whose building? What”'s it for? What”'s rising out of the top? A long, notoriously substandard sidewalk belonged to this property which certainly was a contradiction of its Owner.

Tell us the What and Where of these 2 photos correctly and win a chance for a drawing of a $20.00 Gift Certificate at Welna Hardware 2438 Bloomington Avenue.
See the captions on the photos to the right for the January Hints.
Get all of the answers of #1 correct and you”'re in that drawing.
Get all of the answers of #2 correct and you”'re in that drawing.
Get all of the answers of #1 & #2 correct and you”'re in both drawings.
So, you may win a $10 gift certificate or possibly 2 $10. gifts certificates to Welna Hardware 2438 Bloomington Avenue
Winners from the December Contest:
Lisa Donovan-Larson, Eloise Funmaker, Geralyn Little Wolf, and Brenda Morrow.… Read the rest “January Phillips What? Where? Contest”

What”'s Up at the Franklin Library-January 2010

By Erin Thomasson
Children”'s Programs
Cuentos y Canciones/World Language Storytime: Spanish
Thur., Jan. 7”“Feb. 25, 6 p.m. Para niños de 2 años en adelante. Comparta y disfrute con sus niños libros, cuentos, rimas y música en español. Ages 2 and up. Share books, stories, rhymes and music in Spanish.
Origami Fun!
Sat., Jan. 9, 3:30 p.m.
Grades 1 and up. Learn this nifty paper-folding art from local master Daniel Kluver. Leave with your pockets full of animals!
Sheeko Caruur Af-Soomaali ah/World Language Storytime: Somali
Tuesdays, Jan. 12, 19 & 26, 6:30”“7:30 p.m. La wadaag bugagga, sheekoyinka, jaan-gooyada maansada iyo muusikada Soomaalida. Waxaa lagu maalgaliyey deeq ay For children ages 2 and up. Experience the world in other languages.
Celebrate Winter
Fri., Jan. 15, 4 p.m.
Kindergarten and up. Join us for winter-themed stories and crafts!
Minnesota Rocks!
Fri., Jan. 22, 3 p.m.
Kindergarten and up. Granite, slate, sandstone”¦ oh, those rocks! What are they like? Where are they found? Are there fake rocks? Solve rock mysteries and create a piece of rock art to take home. Materials provided.
Kids Book Club
Fri., Jan. 29, 4 p.m.
Grades 4-6. Join other kids to talk about a great book! No pre-reading required! We will share a story and discuss.

James Womack and Frances Collier Womack “Happy Trails to You, Until We Meet Again”

James Womack was the grand-uncle of Roy Rogers. Roy Rogers, born in OH, to Andrew and Mattie Womack Slye and named Leonard Franklin Slye; went west in 1931 as a would be musician. In less than two years, he”'d co-founded the greatest Western singing group of all time, the Sons of the Pioneers, and four years later, he”'d started a career as a movie star with a new name, Roy Rogers. Apparently, a cowboy hero couldn”'t be known as Slye. The name “Rogers” came from Will Rogers and “Roy” came from a list. He made his debut in “Under Western Stars”; with Roy Rogers as a new star, and his horse, Trigger.

By Sue Hunter Weir

Those of us who grew in the late 1940s and 1950s, in the age of black and white movies and television, are all familiar with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, King and Queen of the West. At the end of their weekly television show, they signed off by singing “Happy Trails to You,” a song written by Dale. Even now, most of us can still sing the song by heart. Believe it or not, that song has an interesting connection (albeit a somewhat remote one) to Minneapolis Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery.… Read the rest “James Womack and Frances Collier Womack “Happy Trails to You, Until We Meet Again””

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