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SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle: CHAPTER 10: Abuela

By Patrick Cabello Hansel

“Mr. Bussey, I never used to believe in ghosts”, Angel said, as he wiped up his coffee with the napkins the waitress had brought. The other patrons at Maria”'s had gone back to their meals.

“Oh, I”'d listen to my abuela when she told us stories about the spirits” he went on, “and when she made her special bread and chocolate for El Dia de los Muertos. She always said that our family was descended from Aztec warriors and Spanish conquistadors, and that the blood in us was really angel fire. Crazy stuff like that. But I didn”'t think much about it until these last couple of weeks.”

“What happened to change your mind?” Mr. Bussey asked.

“All this weird stuff has been happening to me. First I heard an owl calling from the cemetery”¦”

“The sign of death”, Mr. Bussey interrupted.

“Yeah””but whose? Then I met this girl named Luz, who I think likes me too. I almost got killed by…well, I don”'t know who did it, only that I was beaten unconscious, and Luz”' uncle Jaime, and some guy named Ahmed carried me to this house where a woman named Mother Light lives.”

“Mother Light””who lives over by Cedar, a healer I think.”… Read the rest “SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle: CHAPTER 10: Abuela”


By Ray Jay and Young Dex

It is with great sorrow that we start this edition of Sports Talk announcing the death of 26 year old wide receiver Chris Henry, who”'s Cincinnati Bengals, had just recently been thrashed by our MN Vikings 30-10. Mr. Henry did not play in that game, in that he broke his forearm November 6, and was still rehabilitating to return to action. After a troubled start in college and professional sports, Chris Henry had started to turn his life around, and had he kept pace, would have been an excellent role model, that no matter what you have done in the past, your future can be better. What a tragedy!

As one Minnesota team, The Wild, (NHL), got a little hot; the hot Minnesota team, The Vikings (NFL), got a little cold; and the cold Minnesota team, The Timberwolves (NBA), started to warm up. The only consistently good professional sports venue currently, are The Minnesota Timberwolves Dance Line. Since the NBA season start, they have at times shown better on the court moves than our T-Wolves, however, that may continue to change for the better, now that Kevin Love has returned to the line-up, and Al Jefferson is playing with more virility.… Read the rest “SPORTS TALK”

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin

By Howard McQuitter II

Demon from Hell surprises Raizo (Rain) and his party of men and some women in a warehouse suite slaughtering the men except Raizo, of course, the main character. From the opening scenes, the body count begins to soar and so does the martial arts in conjunction with sanguineous displays.

Raizo is raised in an orphanage where the caretakers treat the children like slaves even murdering children deemed as traitors. The orphanage is run by a cruel master Lord Ozuni (Sho Kosugi) to whom Raizo becomes his archenemy. Raizo strikes out on his own but one thinks Lord Ozuni instills in him: hate all weakness. Raizo rents a large apartment with spare furnishings where he can practice his martial arts

Raizo, unlikely ally Agent Mika Coretti (Naomi Harris), find themselves in dangerous circumstances as ninjas seem to be coming from all directions. Her cohort Agent Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles) reluctant to believe early in the goings Raizo is the “good guy.”

The ninjas Raizo is up against are unconscionable hired killers to steal 100 pounds of gold. (Why not go for gold the dollar is nearly worthless nowadays?] Raizo is a stealthy character who will face his nemesis, Lord Ozunu.… Read the rest “Ninja Assassin”

Building”'s Foreclosure Threatens The Stevens Square Center for the Arts!

Matt Wells and Eric Mattheis create a mural for The Stevens Square Center for the Arts at 1905 3rd Ave. So.

Matt Wells and Eric Mattheis create a mural for The Stevens Square Center for the Arts at 1905 3rd Ave. So.

By Trish M. Brock

Two artists worked on unusually cold October days to create a mural on the outside of the Stevens Square Center for the Arts without realizing that the building had been foreclosed by the bank.

2009 has been the most successful year to date for the Stevens Square Center for the Arts. The beautiful gallery space, transformed 6 years earlier from an essentially derelict building by a group of dedicated artists, presented the artworks of emerging artists from the city and the country in nine exhibits. Included was the “Neighborhood Show”, a non-juried exhibit that showcased the talents of artists from the Stevens Square Neighborhood and ran in conjunction with the annual neighborhood “Red Hot Art” event in the Stevens Square Park. 2010 promises to be another stellar year. Nine more shows have been chosen from twenty-three proposals including an open call show to high school students.

Located at 1901 3rd Avenue South on “Arts Avenue”, SSCA provides Gallery exhibition opportunities and affordable studio space for emerging artists. With sixteen artists-in-residence, the studios are rented at 100+ percent capacity.… Read the rest “Building”'s Foreclosure Threatens The Stevens Square Center for the Arts!”

First Year Anniversary Celebration January 30

by Janice Barbee

All residents of the four Phillips neighborhoods, Corcoran, Central, and Powderhorn Park are invited to a celebration of the first anniversary of the Backyard Initiative at the Cultural Wellness Center on Saturday, January 30, 2010. You will hear about the accomplishments of the past year, particularly about the assessment of the health of the people within these communities, as well as plans for 2010.

At the December dinner and dialogue meeting, we celebrated the commitment of residents throughout the past year. Participants gave feedback on whether they thought the meetings have been open, empowering, motivating, informational, and useful, and whether they felt that trust was building. The consensus was that the meetings were all of the above, and that trust was building. Several people reported that they had been to 20 – 30 meetings during 2009, including the large dinner and dialogue gatherings and/or the meetings of the Citizen Health Action Teams (CHATs), the Assessment Team, and the Listening Circles Analysis Team.
Focus for December: Healthy Food

Molly Herrmann of Tastebud, a catering business at the Midtown Global Market, spoke to the group about the value of locally-produced food. Local foods are usually fresher, have more nutritional value, and are often less expensive because they have less distance to travel to get to your table.… Read the rest “First Year Anniversary Celebration January 30”

Latino Reflections on Lake Street

Interview by Alexandra Renken, university of Minnesota Student of Joyce Wisdom, Executive Director of Lake Street Council

What broad transformations have you seen occur with Latino businesses on Lake Street (as a result of Lake Street resurfacing, city ordinances, etc.)?

Just to be clear, it was not a resurfacing road project, but a once-every-50-years project that included replacing water, gas and electrical lines beneath the street. The street was dug out to the bottom, removing old cobblestones and rail track that had been buried for decades. While Lake Street was always open one-lane in each direction, there was no parking and huge holes to traverse from one side of the road to the other.

Ethnic businesses of all kinds fared better than most others during our recent road construction because of their customer loyalty. That held true for Ingebretsen”'s Scandinavian customers as well as Saigon Garage”'s Southeast Asian customers, but perhaps not so strongly for the Mercado and other Lake Street Latino businesses.

Since road construction, business has improved despite the recession. Unfortunately, now the cost of doing business has risen and all businesses, but especially many of our Latino businesses, are finding it harder to increase their revenue to match the increased expenses.… Read the rest “Latino Reflections on Lake Street”

Dave”'s Dumpster January 2010

 Dave”'s Dumpster January 2010

Dave”'s Dumpster January 2010

Surge To Nowhere

by Peter Molenaar

Anyone with a heart understands that President Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place on the question of Afghanistan””damned if he does, damned if he doesn”'t. As for the public”'s opinion, it is mixed, uncertain, and fluid.

A significant poll released November 30 indicated that 47 percent of us favor some increase in troop levels, but this figure actually was down 5 points from the previous poll. So, the belief that homeland security is sustained by war abroad appears to be waning in the midst of local economic woes. “Too costly and destined to fail” is a commonly expressed view.

The question remains: Did the president”'s December first speech muster the call for a ”˜just war”'? Truthfully, he invoked the security issue without reference to a moral imperative with regard to internationalist duty. The isolationist tendency remains strong. So, the answer is no.

Yet, on the moral front, our peace movement is also subject to questions. Foremost, what consequences for women and children would result should the Taliban reconsolidate their power? Furthermore, what would be the consequences with regard to regional stability and development?

Such questions might augment the president”'s stance were he not marching behind the banner of NATO.… Read the rest “Surge To Nowhere”

East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center Ground-Breaking 4 ½ Years after Linda”'s Dream, Neighbors-described on ”˜Butcher Paper”'**


Ground Breaking for the East Phillips Park Cultural & Community Center

By Brad Pass and Carol Pass
On November 19th, 2009 a momentous event for the Phillips Neighborhood occurred. It was the ground breaking of the long awaited East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center. After years of relentless struggle primarily by the residents and organizations of East Phillips, with help from our adjoining neighborhood to the west, Midtown Phillips, and many others, the end is in sight. Within months we will be able to enjoy this beautiful new building. The East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center will include a big gym with bleachers, a community kitchen, a beautiful entry rotunda, an elder and family gathering space and rooms to provide programs and educational help for our multitude of residents. It will provide space to help them reach their potential, to improve their lives, celebrate their many cultures and just chill out and enjoy one another. Ball fields and landscaping will also be added.

Such a Center was a long held dream going back years, but always stalled out for a thousand reasons. However, when the neighborhood organization, the East Phillips Improvement Coalition, EPIC, began to plan programs for our neglected and desperately needy youth, the board members were stymied and brought to a halt by lack of space.… Read the rest “East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center Ground-Breaking 4 ½ Years after Linda”'s Dream, Neighbors-described on ”˜Butcher Paper”'**”

December Phillips What? Where? Contest


November Hint: Out of an explosion order appears.


December Hint: Framing for shelter across cultures and eras has some similarities and some variations. These examples are just four blocks apart.

NO ONE even ventured a guess of the November PWW so we are repeating that photo and adding another for December.
Tell us the What and Where of these 2 photos correctly and win a chance for a drawing of a $20.00 Gift Certificate at Welna Hardware 2438 Bloomington Avenue.

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