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December 2009: What”'s Up at the Franklin Library

By Erin Thomasson
Children”'s Programs
Sheeko Caruur Af-Soomaali ah/World Language Storytime: Somali
Tuesdays, Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29, 6:30”“7:30 p.m. La wadaag bugagga, sheekoyinka, jaan-gooyada maansada iyo muusikada Soomaalida. Waxaa lagu maalgaliyey deeq ay Comcast Foundation siisay Library Foundation of Hennepin County.
For children ages 2 and up. Experience the world in other languages. Funding provided by a grant to the Library Foundation of Hennepin County from the Comcast Foundation.
Preschool Storytime
Wednesdays, Dec. 2, 9, 16 & 30, 10:30-11:00 a.m.
For children ages 4 to 6. Help your preschooler get ready to read. Enjoy stories together and build language skills.
Waxbarasho iyo Ciyaar Caruureed Af-Soomaali ah/Somali Play and Learn
Friday, Dec. 4, 10:30 a.m.
For kids through preschool. Dhammaan caruurta ka yar da”' dugsi. Ka soo qaybgal sheekooyin caruur, heeso iyo hawlo waxbarasho. Join us for stories, songs and activities! Presented in collaboration with the Resources for Child Caring.
Sock Puppet Workshop
Friday, Dec. 11, 3:30 p.m.
For kids in grade 2 and up. Take an everyday sock and turn it into something creative! Join other kids in making fun sock creatures to take home. Supplies provided.
Swedish Stories
Wednesday, Dec. 16, 10:30 a.m.
For kids in preschool.… Read the rest “December 2009: What”'s Up at the Franklin Library”

There are no ”˜Good Old Days”' Childhood Health Stories


The woman standing by the cross is the Grandmother Aubele of Annie and Adele Aubele, sisters who died from diphtheria within 24 hours of each other in early December 1915.

By Sue Hunter Weir

Two Year Old Frida Aubele died Dec. 2, 1915 from diphtheria. Six Year Old Annie Aubele died Dec. 3, 1915 from diphtheria. Graves were remarked and girls remembered and honored Oct. 16th 2009.

It pretty much goes without saying that kids hate to have shots. And, many parents are reluctant to have their children vaccinated because of possible unintended consequences. This year, because of all the media attention about the H1N1 virus, there are a lot of people weighing the potential benefits against the possibility of adverse side effects. Cemetery records paint a picture of what life was like for children and their families before vaccinations were a routine part of medical care.

Of the 21,000 burials in the cemetery over half are children under the age of ten. Many of those children died in infancy, the result of premature or stillbirths. Others died of bacterial infections related to contaminated drinking water. But others died of diseases, like measles, that are no longer considered an inevitable part of childhood.… Read the rest “There are no ”˜Good Old Days”' Childhood Health Stories”

SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle Chapter 9: History, Part I

by Patrick Cabello Hansel
(Author”'s note: in the last chapter, Angel met up at Maria”'s Café with his high school history teacher, who began relating a neighborhood story from the mid-19th century that he has unearthed during his sabbatical.)

“Between August Ternstvedt”'s little house and what became the cemetery was a low piece of ground called the swale. The swale was a worthless piece for kitchen gardens or orchards, and because it was low-lying it wasn”'t the first choice upon which to build. But because no one particularly wanted the land, it was a good place to go when you were wanted. Runaway slaves passed through there. There is a legend that refugees from the killings in 1862 stopped one night. AWOL soldiers, people involved in illegal fur trade, women who were fleeing abusive husbands. They would come, they would go, but their spirits always seemed to haunt the place.”

“So where are you talking about””this swale or whatever you call it?” , Angel asked.

Mr. Bussey took a sip of his coffee.

“It”'s roughly the area between Bloomington and Cedar, and Franklin to about the railroad tracks””the Greenway today.”

“That”'s right where my folks live””on 18th Avenue!” Angel felt a longing, a regret inside him growing.… Read the rest “SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle Chapter 9: History, Part I”

A Letter of Gratitude to the Phillips Community”¦from Leon Oman


Leon Oman (right) at the Alley annual meeting

by Leon Oman

Dear Community of Phillips,
Let me express my deepest thanks and gratitude to the Phillips community upon my retirement from Community Education at Andersen School. It has been a profound joy and honor to serve with you over the past 28+ years. I appreciate all the well-wishes that people have shared, both formally and informally, for this next chapter of life.

As I reflect on these many past years, gratitude also swells up within me for all of the ways that Phillips, both you as individuals and you as organizations, have supported Community Education: You have participated in classes and activities; involved yourself as volunteers, teachers and staff; used our gym and meeting facilities; provided input and feedback for programming, both informally as well as formally through our Advisory Council; partnered with us on out-of-school time programs for youth and lifelong learning for adults; provided financial support for many initiatives; collaborated on events; and many other ways. Your personal support along that way has been so fulfilling and motivating.

The community has changed a lot in the years I”'ve been here. I can so clearly recall my first day in June, 1981 ”“ getting off the #21 bus on Lake and 10th Ave.… Read the rest “A Letter of Gratitude to the Phillips Community”¦from Leon Oman”

Movie Corner: A Serious Man & Tyler Perry: I Can Do Bad All By Myself


A Serious Man

A Serious Man
**** 1/2 (rated four and a half out of five stars)
Focus Features
Directors: Ethan Coen and Joel Coen

Standing on the top of his roof, Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) adjusts his television antenna after his pre-bar mitzvah early adolescent son Danny Gopnik (Aaron Wolff) had been complaining about stations not coming in clearly on the television. Danny stands on the roof as if on top of the world. Looking around he is transfixed by a pretty neighbor Mrs. Samsky (Amy Landecker) sunning in the nude in her fenced in backyard. But for Mr. Gopnik, being on the roof is anything but being on top of the world. He”'s mired in a number of problems.

First, Mr. Gopnik, a physics professor at a fictional Judaic private school in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, has an Asian student, unhappy with his failing grade, who attempts to bribe him for a passing grade. Second, Larry is up for tenure. His boss notifies him that some unfavorable anonymous letters have been sent regarding his tenure. His boss assures Larry not to worry but that is no conciliation to him. Three, Larry is confronted by his wife, Judith Gopnik (Sari Lennick) who wants a divorce so she can marry a widower, Sy Ableman (Fred Melamed), a neighbor the Gopniks have known for 15 years.… Read the rest “Movie Corner: A Serious Man & Tyler Perry: I Can Do Bad All By Myself”

At the Movies: Precious



by Raymond Jackson
Oh how precious everyone and everything is, all in their own unique ways! At the end of this very good movie, ”˜Precious”', exemplifies the aforementioned statement so much that one could hear a pin drop in the carpeted isles, while gasping for air and exhibiting an inability to clap. This movie is good and leaves you frozen in deep thought! The metaphor, keeping it real, can certainly be applied in this case, with bold caps even.

Stand up comedian, Monique, plays an excellent role as Ms Jones, the mother of Clareece ”˜Precious”' Jones, played by newcomer, Gabourey ”˜Gabby”' Sidibe; who is said to have auditioned in between classes, while attending college in New York. Directed by Lee Daniels, ”˜Precious”' is based on the book, ”˜Push”', written by Sapphire, and is sure to be up for many awards. I am allergic to tears, so believe me when I say, this movie will have you crying and even laughing throughout, as you are taken down the path of a junior high school mother, who enters this drama pregnant with her second child, at the age of sixteen.

Based in 1987 New York, Precious, after being told over and over again, by her mother and countless others, that she is nothing and will never be anything but a complete zero; starts to feel better about herself and her capabilities, after being forced to enroll in an alternative school and meeting teachers and students who seemed to care about her.… Read the rest “At the Movies: Precious”

Dave”'s Dumpster December 2009


Wakan Tanka

by Peter Molenaar

It took on the order of 200,000 years for humankind to develop a written language. Subsequently, “the word” accumulated in the form of scripture which in turn made literacy a requirement for entry into “the faith”. Hence, the emergence of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) within the once vast sea of illiteracy.

Note: the various peoples of this neighborhood might do well to acknowledge that we all reside upon Dakota land.

Prior to Abraham, prior even to the Druid elites of Pagan Europe, it was the vision quest which nourished the spiritual community. The trekker was rewarded by nature”'s unforeseen coincidences, including close encounters with curious animals. Such were the revelations of “the great spirit”.

Note: A totem animal should be regarded as but one aspect of Wakan Tanka.

Prior to the existence of life sustaining planets, was there a great spirit? Or, did mind emerge merely as a function of highly evolved central nervous systems? Perhaps, as some have suggested, Wakan Tanka translates better as “the great mystery”.

Who among us has not noticed the great flock of crows which resides in this neighborhood during the winter months? What is the explanation for this? I suggest we observe them with great respect and admiration.… Read the rest “Wakan Tanka”

America, Wake Up & Mask Up!!!!!!!

By Raymond Jackson
[Editor”'s Alley Opps ”¦Note of Apology & Explanation this article was inadvertently omitted and another article wrongly printed last month]

Cough, sneeze, wheeze, drizzle, and not even an excuse me, or any attempt to cover up the expulsion. How many times has this happened to you, already, and so early in this cold and flu season? We have huge pharmaceutical companies claiming that they can”'t get going fast enough, to keep up with the demand for H1N1 flu vaccine. OK, maybe it”'s more difficult than anticipated, battling this H what N who (H1N1) bacteria, but this just does not seem fathomable, for a nation that puts men on the moon. Vaccines for Cholera, Chicken Pox, Polio and many other ailments did not seem to be as baffling as this H1N1. In any event, America, Wake Up & Mask Up! That appears the most logical and economical solution to this pandemic, which at press time had claimed the lives of over 4,000 adults and 540 children, (under the age of 18), here in America, with the state of Minnesota having 9 youth deaths. The past 17 deaths in Minnesota were all adults with preexisting conditions, which has lead some to believe this virus is a trial run of eliminating the feeble, valueless etc. … Read the rest “America, Wake Up & Mask Up!!!!!!!”

First Anniversary, New Director, Commission on Health


Good food, stories, discussion and debate have characterized the first full year of Backyard Initiative gatherings like this one at the Cultural Wellness Center, 1527 East Lake Street.

by Janice Barbee

The Backyard Initiative, a partnership between Allina and the surrounding community, will be celebrating its first anniversary on January 30, 2010. Come to the Cultural Wellness Center to hear about the accomplishments of the past year and plans for 2010.

The Backyard Initiative”'s assessment process is already producing a great deal of knowledge. Community residents have conducted 21 Listening Circles, the notes from which are now being analyzed by residents. They will create a report for the community and Allina that will be presented at the January meeting.

The walk-around is now over 1/3 completed. Community residents hired by Wilder Research are walking around the Powderhorn Park, Central, and Corcoran and the four Phillips neighborhoods to ask people about their health and the health of the community. Residents designed the questions and they will be interpreting the results. The great majority of residents have been interested in participating, especially as they learn that other residents are asking the questions.

New BYI Project Director

Allina hired a new project director for the Backyard Initiative in early November.… Read the rest “First Anniversary, New Director, Commission on Health”

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