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Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association News December 2016

December 2016 Ventura Village



Thanks everyone! The recognition by the City on October 25th that the Burma Save building DOES meet the City”'s criteria for historic designation has put wind in our sails as we appeal to the City Zoning and Planning on Dec. 1st.

Thanks for all the great suggestions for ways to incorporate this building into the educational regimen of Adult Education and the South High School campus:

Ӣ a student run museum of immigration,

Ӣ a student run coffee shop,

Ӣ an all nations themed gathering place in a new building,

Ӣ a post and beam supported super structure for an outdoor plaza.

The trend in preservation of historical sites is to focus on the value of the stories they have to tell and the ways in which they involve the community. This is a fantastic opportunity for just that!
Remember to vote “Save the Shave!” at City Zoning and Planning Committee at 9:30am on Thursday December 1st, City Hall!

2019 East Lake Street – Post and Beam Increases Repurposing


It may be that the Burma-Shave building is built with posts and beam construction, a type of construction that is now very unusual in this day and age. Indications of this type of construction has not been verified because access to the building has been prevented by its current owner, Mpls. School District #1.

If it is post and beam, also called timber frame construction; it has these advantages:

  1. Post and beam construction utilizes large, vertical, wood columns  placed about 8 feet apart with a series of large horizontal wood beams placed across them to support either a second floor or a roof. In contrast with lighter wood framing which became popular in the mid-19th century in the United States, post and beam buildings feature a relatively small number of larger, heavier structural components that form the infrastructural support. The exterior surfaces that can seem so lack-luster from the street view are attached, yet dispensable to support the building.
  2. Because the weight of the structure is supported by posts that are spaced relatively far apart, post and beam construction allows for large expanses of glass or other exterior sidings. Consequently, post and beam buildings often feature large windows.
Read the rest “2019 East Lake Street – Post and Beam Increases Repurposing”

911, “What Took You So Long?”

Have you ever wondered why some 9-1-1 calls are responded to so quickly while others seem to take forever?  How do police dispatchers prioritize calls and what resources do the police have for responding to those calls?

Inspector Catherine Johnson will help us understand the issues affecting response time to emergency police calls.

Join us on Monday, January 9th, 2017, at St. Paul”'s Church (corner of 15th Avenue South and 28th Street).  The meeting will begin at 6:30 and end at 8. 

Everyone who lives or works in the Phillips Community (EPIC, Phillips West, Ventura Village and Midtown) is welcome.

Sponsored by the Midtown Crime and Safety Partnership.

Hospital Flexes Muscle to Demolish Sanctuary

Children”'s MN Hospitals is in a “no holds barred” attempt to demolish the Sanctuary of Messiah Church, 725 E. 25th St., and rented by Emmanuel Mennonite Congregation.

It is impossible for most congregations to compete against Children”'s fundraising prowess!

Children”'s bought the other church on this block from an ex-neighbor, turned “Judas,” as dollars spoke louder; Children”'s demolished it in spite, despite or to spite neighbors”' protests.

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