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PART II, Where do we go from here?

By Raymond Jackson

This sequel to last month”'s, ”˜War On Drugs”' article will help to answer readers questions, such as Gina P. of South Minneapolis, who asked, “What do the officiados/doctors say  about this growing dilemma?

“What can we actually do about it?”

“What are some warning signs?”

This follow up article does contain excerpts from the initial article.

Remember that it”'s all about educating and saving lives!

Crack-cocaine continues to rage the inner-city, most particularly, inner-city communities with large populations of people of color. Methamphetamine has still not had a huge negative impact in these communities, even though it is cheaper than crack-cocaine. Do marketing strategies, by those making the most profits; have something to do with this dilemma? Absolutely, yes it does!

So who are the big profiteers of crack-cocaine sales?  Certainly not the low level street corner distributors. Nor is it the ”˜Scarfaces”', as main stream media would like to make us believe. The Tony ”˜Scarface”' Montanas, have a tendency to go out just like he did, and guess who steps right in to profit from his removal.  Perhaps they are different entities that take hold, seize, sale and profit.… Read the rest “THE WAR ON DRUGS HAS EXPANDED; Or Has It Really?”

“”¦There are those that use pain meds appropriately”¦”

As I sit in my pain clinic reading Mr. Jackson tear apart pain meds without acknowledging legitimate use, I find myself getting angrier every line I read. I did not ask to be on pain meds just like I did not ask to be hit while on a motorcycle by a truck by an ass text messaging while driving. The obvious omission of a small insert of “there are those that use pain meds appropriately as well as those who don”'t” pisses me off. I pointed this out to those that bring this rag to this office and was promised I would not see it here again. Write about all the people we see texting while driving. They are killing more people than pain meds!!!!!!! Write about something you actually LIVE instead of what you assume. I took your rag so that I can express my disgust to all the people who purchase ad space so they think twice before choosing to spend their money on your space. Lots of papers out there besides yours. I live & work in the area and am ashamed to be represented in such a non-objective way.

Lisa Widman

Editor”'s Note: Lisa Widman”'s objections are taken seriously and certainly illustrate how personal and significant all of the specific, underlying issues of health care generally become because they are so loaded with in-depth moral issues.Read the rest ““”¦There are those that use pain meds appropriately”¦””

Horsefly Swish

by Peter Molenaar

Unlike the pensive almost melancholy feeling induced, for example, by a visit to my childhood fishing haunts, the annual tour of the “Great Minnesota Get Together” is for me always an invigorating adventure. Jersey cows, fine arts, tractor prices, eco-technology, countryside crafts and preserves”¦

Then, after lightly caressing the giant pumpkins in the horticulture display, the “Pioneer Heritage House” was spotted. So enter, please. In their combined effect the representative household objects of my not-so-distant ancestors evoked the suspension of time. And then, oddly juxtaposed to everything else, there it was””the horsefly swish.

The creator of this “swish” lived in the glory days of the horse and buffalo culture. Crafted from half a horse”'s tail and an eight-inch shaft of polished pipestone, its original possessor was a distinguished and dignified hunter (Lakota warrior?). No doubt this object had served the ceremonial regalia even as the rider”'s mount appreciated its use in fending off biting flies.

Flash to Vietnam via Thanhnien”¦

Elders will recall the name: Lieutenant Calley of My Lai massacre fame. Calley just recently apologized for his role in the slaughter of hundreds of peaceful villagers some 40 years ago. “I feel remorse for the Vietnamese who were killed, for their families, for the American soldiers involved and their families”¦There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel remorse”¦I am very sorry.”… Read the rest “Horsefly Swish”

October-Dave Moore

October Dave Moore

Now Begins the Process of Staying Together

backyardUpdate on the Backyard Initiative

Many of the Allina Backyard Initiative participants are describing the process of community engagement as “trustworthy”,” “deeply instructive,” “nurturing,” “Informative” and completely surprising.

The Process
Since December of 2008 there have been 11 dinner dialogue gatherings. Each gathering has held the attention of 28 ”“ 70 people of various ages. The youngest is 6 years old and the oldest is a 74 year old resident. The 74 year old resident told the story of organizing the residents in his apartment building after being so inspired by the knowledge gained while attending 8 of the 11 dinner meetings and participating on the very active Assessment Team.

He left one of the Assessment meetings fired up. He had seen several drug dealers on the block where he lived. He was feeling frustrated and angry because as he stated, “no one was doing anything” suddenly he realized that the no one included him. He stood up and started knocking on doors inside his building asking people to come together for meetings about the drug dealer. He then called the SAFE office, then the councilperson”'s office, the mayor”'s office. Each office staff provided support and encouragement and within two weeks the house where the drug activity was happening was closed.… Read the rest “Now Begins the Process of Staying Together”

President Obama in Town for Health-Care Reform Rally

Rowena Aubrey, daughter; Elder Naima Richmond, mother, talk about President”'s visit.)

Rowena Aubrey, daughter; Elder Naima Richmond, mother, talk about President”'s visit.)

By Raymond Jackson
On Saturday, September 5, President Obama returned to Minneapolis and spoke to a crowd of 17,000 at the downtown Minneapolis Target Center. This Health-Care Reform Bill is taking on a life of it”'s own as many in the Legislature labor hard to get this bill through. It is attached to a lot of confusion and unclear tactical planning that the President is trying to clear up as he tours the country, both in person and via electronically. At this time it is still not a sure thing to pass. There is a lot of opposition based on clarity and half truths on both sides. I have only electronically followed President Obama”'s path, since attending his Inauguration last February, so this is my first subsequent write up surrounding his presidency.

I noticed several months ago that many major news outlets began to refer to him quite often as Mr. Obama, instead of President Obama, which helped to swell opposition to his official titling as President of The United States of America. It makes one think; Is this really about The Health-Care Reform Bill, or simply opposition to America having a black President.… Read the rest “President Obama in Town for Health-Care Reform Rally”

H1N1 Flu: Prevention, and Vaccine

by Kristen Godfrey and Sarah Ekerholm
The seasonal influenza vaccine is now available; if you would like to lessen your chance of getting the seasonal flu, you should get the vaccine. Getting a vaccination in the fall gives your body a chance to build up immunity and protect itself from the flu virus.

It is important to note that the seasonal flu vaccine will not protect against H1N1 influenza. There is no vaccine available yet for H1N1, but it is expected that the vaccine will be available sometime in October. If you are among the following groups, it is recommended that you receive the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available: pregnant women, health-care and emergency services personnel, people who are 6 months through 24 years old, people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months and people age 25 through 64 who have chronic health conditions.

Currently, the H1N1 influenza symptoms have been similar to seasonal influenza and have not been severe. However, there has been an increase in people receiving medical care for influenza like illness and groups of influenza like illness taking place in schools and colleges. We all play a role in limiting the number of Minnesotans who are infected with the virus by practicing good prevention techniques.… Read the rest “H1N1 Flu: Prevention, and Vaccine”

SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 6: The Mission

By Patrick Cabello Hansel

Angel dreamt before he awoke. He could hear voices: his mother, Luz Maria, a childhood friend from back in Axochiapan, whose name he couldn”'t remember. The boy was kicking a semi-deflated soccer ball through a lot bereft of grass or flowers and calling out to Angel: “Dále, dále, Cameroon”, the name of his neighborhood team. Angel ran to the ball, as fast as his leaden legs would take him, but he couldn”'t get there. He woke up kicking, his eyes looking east and west for a ball he could not see.

It was early evening. There was a young woman from the reservation sitting by his bed, wrapped in a Mexican blanket. She seemed to be moving something in her hands. At first, Angel thought it was a rosary, the way her fingers moved. But as his eyes adjusted to the candlelight and back to consciousness after three days out, he saw she was moving a few small, smooth stones. He did not know the girl, he could not have known that she had bathed him, changed him, rubbed salve in his temples. And yet he knew enough to call her correctly:

“Sister”, he said, “where am I?”

SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 5: Darkness

By Patrick Cabello Hansel

Dear reader,

It is hard to describe evil. Sometimes it carries a bat, sometimes it wears a badge. Sometimes it is a boss, sometimes a prayer gone horribly, horribly wrong. The evil that befell Angel was all of them, none of them. It was all of us, the worst of us, and we were its victims and its helpers.

For three days, unconsciousness became Angel. If he dreamed, if he was visited by memories or spirits, he will not be able to tell us. He dwelled in the land of Morpheus, in the land before darkness was separated from light. Hovering over the waters, hanging between life and death.

Some say that angels and demons converse secretly, right under God”'s nose, in the chasm between heaven and hell, in the moments before dusk becomes night and dawn becomes day.

They are after all, family. Separated not by essence, but by actions. They were all created as the light of God, and if some confirm that light by seeking the darkness, should we be surprised?

Jaime knew better than to take Angel to the hospital, and Ahmed sensed it quickly. Whatever or whoever could beat him that badly, with that kind of impunity, would seek him out to finish the job.… Read the rest “SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 5: Darkness”

SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 4: Down

By Patrick Cabello Hansel

Angel could have turned west toward the shelter; could have, probably should have. But he was too intoxicated by the smell of bread, by the sure knowledge that he now knew her name. Luz Maria: the light, and the mother of Christ. It was enough for him to just stand there in the wind and breathe in the world. If you asked him later””if he could remember anything””he would have told you that at that moment his life was complete. He had heard the owl and heard the voice. He had smelled the bread. But now, he had seen her, talked to her, he could almost feel her breath on his skin.

He stood there for a few minutes, his eyes toward the gray sky, his skin almost singing. He tasted the first piece of bread right in front of the store on Lake Street. Bread, even day-old, tastes better when given by the hand that is love. Coffee sweetened by a word, the hint of a smile, christens the heart. Angel would remember the taste of that food for a long time””not in his mind, but in his body.

But maybe it was his body that pointed him in the wrong direction.… Read the rest “SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle CHAPTER 4: Down”

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