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First Anniversary, New Director, Commission on Health


Good food, stories, discussion and debate have characterized the first full year of Backyard Initiative gatherings like this one at the Cultural Wellness Center, 1527 East Lake Street.

by Janice Barbee

The Backyard Initiative, a partnership between Allina and the surrounding community, will be celebrating its first anniversary on January 30, 2010. Come to the Cultural Wellness Center to hear about the accomplishments of the past year and plans for 2010.

The Backyard Initiative”'s assessment process is already producing a great deal of knowledge. Community residents have conducted 21 Listening Circles, the notes from which are now being analyzed by residents. They will create a report for the community and Allina that will be presented at the January meeting.

The walk-around is now over 1/3 completed. Community residents hired by Wilder Research are walking around the Powderhorn Park, Central, and Corcoran and the four Phillips neighborhoods to ask people about their health and the health of the community. Residents designed the questions and they will be interpreting the results. The great majority of residents have been interested in participating, especially as they learn that other residents are asking the questions.

New BYI Project Director

Allina hired a new project director for the Backyard Initiative in early November.… Read the rest “First Anniversary, New Director, Commission on Health”

Thanks to YOU, The Alley Is Bound for the Future!

60 people attended the Oct 23rd Bound for the Future event.  Here a third of them are pictured listening to Cathy Strobel describe the project.

60 people attended the Oct 23rd Bound for the Future event. Here a third of them are pictured listening to Cathy Strobel describe the project.

by Susan Gust

Neighbors, friends, advertisers, writers, cartoonists, delivery people, volunteers, young and old, new and well-heeled,—–gathered at the Cultural Wellness Center for a terrific Annual Meeting celebrating 34 years of The Alley Newspaper. This important event also served as a fundraiser for our Bound for the Future Project.

Cathy Strobel, President of Alley Communications”' Board of Directors announced at the meeting that the Hennepin County Library has generously decided to contribute the cost of printing and binding two sets of the 17 volumes holding 30 years worth of history, photos and stories contained in over 4,000 pages of The Alley Newspaper. One of these two sets will be located at the Downtown Library and the other set will be available in our own community at the Franklin Library. The Board and volunteers of Alley Communications, the community owned, non-profit publisher of The Alley Newspaper, are so very grateful for the efforts of the staff of the Hennepin County Library and Commissioner Peter McLaughlin”'s office that helped to make this project successful.

The printing of these two sets has been completed and now the volumes are being bound.… Read the rest “Thanks to YOU, The Alley Is Bound for the Future!”

With Necessity as the Mother of Invention, Brothers “Rack-Up” Success


The infamous Seward racks at the Co-op

by Megan Sheridan

It all started at the University of Minnesota”'s Campus Security. As Rolf Scholtz and his brother Derk used to patrol the Twin Cities Cam­pus, they would notice how unappealing and dysfunctional the bike racks were ”“ as far as they could tell, the market for aesthetically appealing, U-lock compatible bike racks was wide open. After spending some time out of college in an eco­nomic development position, Rolf, along with his artistically inclined brother started Dero Bike Racks, now at 2657 32nd Ave S. And since 1995, they have been producing racks that are shipped all across the country as well as other parts of the world.

The foundation of Dero”'s work is based on functionality and artistic appeal: all Dero racks are U-lock compatible, so users are assured that their bikes are safe; and all Dero racks are aesthetically attractive, so architects and planners can integrate them as visible aspects of their designs.

Dero Bike Racks is also firmly rooted in the community. The original office was located at Seven Corners, directly above Bullwinkle”'s Saloon and warehousing located in Phillips. The company”'s first real break was when they worked with Uptown to do one of the nation”'s first large-scale artistic bike rack installation.… Read the rest “With Necessity as the Mother of Invention, Brothers “Rack-Up” Success”

November Phillips What? Where?

November Hint: Out of an explosion order appears.

November Hint: Out of an explosion order appears

Tell us correctly What and Where this is in PHILLIPS Community and you will get a chance at a drawing for a $10. Gift Certificate to Welna Hardware on Bloomington Ave. One winner for each will be drawn. Call or write: 612-990-4022 or via e-mail or The Alley P.O. Box 7006, Mpls, MN 55407
November HINT:
Out of an explosion order appears.

Update on the East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center

By Brad Pass, Chair, East Phillips Park Community Design Team
On October 1st, the bids for the new East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center were opened. Of the thirteen bidding construction companies, not one bid exceeded the money we have available for the project and the three lowest bids came in sufficiently low so as to allow us to include EVERTHING we had cut weeks ago when we were concerned about pre-bid estimates.

We had sadly cut the Elderly and Family Gathering Space, amounting to 1,000 Sq Ft from the south end of the building. Then we eliminated sound insulating material in the gym. We eliminated all the appliances and the ventilation and make-up air system from the Kitchen along with many other less noticeable cost cutting measures including the elimination of the exterior plaza sitting wall. As a result of this, we were able to reduce the estimated building costs by just enough to warrant putting out the bids to the building construction industry. The bids were to go out in early September with a deadline of October 1st. Then, on Sept. 3rd, we were informed that our figures did not include money for a contingency fund. An additional $150,000 would be needed.… Read the rest “Update on the East Phillips Park Cultural and Community Center”

What”'s Up at the Franklin Library: November 2009

By Erin Thomasson
Children”'s Programs
Sheeko Caruur Af-Soomaali ah/World Language Storytime: Somali*
Tuesdays, Nov. 3, 10, 17 & 24, 6:30”“7:30 p.m. La wadaag bugagga, sheekoyinka, jaan-gooyada maansada iyo muusikada Soomaalida. Waxaa lagu maalgaliyey deeq ay Comcast Foundation siisay Library Foundation of Hennepin County.
For children ages 2 and up. Experience the world in other languages. *

The Turkey That Got Away
Friday, Nov. 6, 3”“4 p.m.
For kids in grade 2 and up. What would Thanksgiving dinner be without the turkey? Kids will find out by sharing great books and fun activities.

Kids Book Club
Friday, Nov. 20, 4-5 p.m.
Join other kids to talk about a great book! Pick up a copy of the book at the information desk
Preschool Storytime
Wednesdays, 10:30-11:00 a.m.
For children ages 4 to 6. Help your preschooler get ready to read. Enjoy stories together and build language skills.

Sigstad Sisters and Frank Brant Die in River Road Accident Street Conditions not on Par with Coming of Motorized Vehicles ”“ Changes Were Needed

004.02 Tales Photo mabel

Mabel Sigstad who worked for a laundry company met a tragic death along with Ida, her sister and Frank Brant, a friend along the River Parkway November 3, 1916

by Sue Hunter Weir

On November 3, 1916, Ida and Mabel Sigstad were on their way home from a party in St. Paul in a car driven by E. C. Nelson. When Mr. Nelson turned onto the River Road and River Parkway, one of the car”'s rear tires slid over a ten-foot embankment and the car flipped, trapping the driver and its three passengers underneath it. Mr. Nelson lost consciousness; he woke on and off during the next four hours and called out to his passengers but got no response.

John Kelly, the night watchman at Lock and Dam #1 was on his way home from work at 7 o”'clock in the morning when he discovered the accident. He called several of his fellow workmen, and they were able to right the car and pull it off of the passengers. By that time, it was too late for Ida and Mabel and for Frank Brant, the other passenger in the car. They had smothered under the weight of the car.

Ida and Mabel were two of Ole Sigstad”'s four daughters.… Read the rest “Sigstad Sisters and Frank Brant Die in River Road Accident Street Conditions not on Par with Coming of Motorized Vehicles ”“ Changes Were Needed”


By Ray Jay and Young Dex

Let”'s start this edition of sports talk out with a big congratulations to Lynx coach Jen Gillom and Lynx point guard Renee Montgomery as they were selected to be representatives on The United States Women”'s Basketball team for the pre Olympics Games.

We must also congratulate our Minnesota Twins as they made the American League play-offs with an exciting one game play-off entry win over The Detroit Tigers. Needless to say, that game took all of their oomph, as they were swept in the first round by the powerful New York Yankees, who beat the California Angels, Tori Hunter”'s new team, in their best of seven ALCS playoffs for the World Series. Speaking of Tori, just imagine that we may still be playing had the Twins retained him, and/or Johan Santana. Oh well! That”'s the way the small markets go, so some say.

The Minnesota Vikings are riding high as they go into the seventh week of the young NFL season undefeated. I admit, I was wrong about Mr. Brett Favre. The coaching still raises my eyebrows, however, and we can only hope that gets better.

What about the MN Wild NHL team. Two words; They Stink!… Read the rest “SPORTS TALK”

Into Temptation & Jennifer’s Body

By Howard Mc Quitter, II
Into Temptation
Director: Patrick Coyle


Into Temptation

Minneapolis based director Patrick Coyle is a tenacious, conscious man who has a passion for making movies or acting in movies. After seeing Coyle”'s debut film “Detective Fiction” (filmed in Minneapolis) a few years back, I knew this very talented man was due for bigger and better things which is now clear in “Into Temptation”. As such his film is introspective and redemptive, not draped in evanescence or sensationalism.

Father John Buerlein (Jeremy Sisto), in the confessional presumably on a Saturday afternoon, a woman enters the confessional (the side with the screen) and begins to tell the priest that it”'s been years since her last confession. Since she feels her life is no longer of value, she plans to commit suicide on her birthday (which is soon), then walks out of the confessional before Father Buerlein can complete the sacrament with absolution. He”'s bothered by what she said but under church law cannot reveal a name and what he or she said. He becomes his own Sherlock Holmes at the risk of endangering his life, or opening himself to scandal or misunderstanding by his flock, his bishop, and/or his encounters with some louche characters.… Read the rest “Into Temptation & Jennifer’s Body”

La Natividad Returns

06_La Natividad 1 high res

Outdoor candle-lit procession with Maria and Jose in La Natividad, In the Heart of the Beast Theatre

by Patrick Cabello Hansel
One of the most unique partnerships in the arts takes place literally in our backyard: La Natividad, the bilingual Christmas procession and celebration that is a partnership between In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre (HOBT), St. Paul”'s Evangelical Lutheran Church and Mercado Central marketplace. La Natividad will return this December 10 – 20 to our community. This beloved holiday show combines street theatre, HOBT”'s expressive puppetry, and an outdoor candle-lit procession. Based on the Mexican tradition of Las Posadas, the audience moves from place to place and becomes part of the action.

Beginning at HOBT”'s Theater and Mercado Central, the audience follows Maria and José through the streets as they look for refuge. The procession ends at St. Paul”'s Evangelical Lutheran Church, with the Nativity and a fiesta”” complete with music and food. Tickets for this unique performance and holiday celebration are on sale now, by calling 612-721-2535 or on-line.

But perhaps even more important, community members can be a part of the show by being actors, puppeteers, singing in the angel choir or volunteering at one of the fiestas.… Read the rest “La Natividad Returns”

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