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By Patrick Cabello Hansel

We can”'t say that Angel didn”'t know where to start this leg of his journey. He”'d been starting his whole life. Fits and starts. False starts. Start and stop, start and stop. Angel”'s problem was finishing. He”'d managed to graduate from Roosevelt””barely””and he vaguely remembered the platitudes the locally famous person of color had shared at the graduation ceremony: Believe in your dreams. Reach for the stars. Stay in touch. Good words, he thought, but he”'d spent the six months since then pretty much wandering through life, without a plan, That morning, in Mother Light”'s house, as he tenderly pulled on his jacket and bent over to tie his shoes, he spotted the webbed ornament in the window.
“That”'s a dream catcher, right?” he said to Ana, who was waiting at the door.

She smiled, nodded yes, then pointed to her eyes, to her heart, to her lips and then to Angel. He shook his head and wondered what manner of answer that was: was this beautiful young woman deaf? Or merely insane? “I wonder if it caught any of my dreams”, he muttered to himself.

Ana handed him his backpack, which felt heavier to his bruised shoulders.… Read the rest “SEARCHING CHAPTER 7: A New Start”

“Bring a shawl and get a baby” from a 1908-09 Baby Farm 3341 Nicollet Avenue

“The babies [from the Baby Farm on Nicollet Avenue] are buried in unmarked graves at various locations throughout the cemetery.” This heart shaped grave marker is for Emma Bertta who died June 30th 1886, marker of a heart shaped cross and whose family did provide this marker.

The babies from the Baby Farm on Nicollet Avenue are buried in unmarked graves

By Sue Hunter Weir

Between June 24, 1908 and September 6, 1909, 27 infants died at the same address–3341 Nicollet Avenue South. These babies (13 girls, 13 boys, and one whose gender was not recorded) were under the care of “Doctor” Hans Oftedal. As the quote marks suggest, Hans Oftedal was not a licensed physician; he was the proprietor of one of several “baby farms” operating in Minneapolis at the time.

Baby farms were essentially unlicensed boarding houses for infants whose parents were too poor to care for them. The parents surrendered their children to baby farm operators and paid a fee for the care that they believed their children would receive. In some cases, the parents intended to come back and reclaim their children, but in other cases they expected their children to be adopted by families who could provide for them. Adoption was unregulated at that time, and Minneapolis had the dubious distinction of being the baby-trafficking capitol of the Upper Midwest. The Minneapolis Tribune described the adoption trade in Minneapolis as one in which people could “Bring a shawl and get a baby.”

In October 1909, “Doctor” Oftedal shut down his baby farm.… Read the rest ““Bring a shawl and get a baby” from a 1908-09 Baby Farm 3341 Nicollet Avenue”

Frequent + Biker = Freiker Rhymes with Hiker

Freiker + Dero = More Hiking and Biking at Seward Montessor

Dero Bike Racks

Dero Bike Racks

By Kathy Kurdelmeier
Dero Bike Racks in the Seward neighborhood has paired up with Seward Montessori, a Minneapolis Public School, to make the school the most walked and biked to school in the city… maybe the state.

Dero Bike Racks has donated a Freiker/Dero ZAP system to the school, a system designed to encourage kids to bike and walk to school. Freiker (frequent + biker, rhymes with hiker) a non profit company out of Boulder, Colorado, pioneered the concept using RFID technology. Dero Bike Racks manufactures the ZAP unit. The system is the first to be used in a Minnesota school, one of a only dozen throughout the country.

Each registered student is given a RFID (radio frequency identification) tag. Each time the student walks or bikes to school they pass under the ZAP unit, which emits a beep and records their trip and mileage into the Freiker database.

That information will be used to provide incentives to individuals and classes that walk and bike the most. The school also hopes to incorporate the information into the classroom, teaching the students about their carbon footprint and the benefit of walking and biking to themselves as well as to the environment.… Read the rest “Frequent + Biker = Freiker Rhymes with Hiker”

THE Murder and Mayhem TOUR

Do you ever think that you would have liked to live back in the “good old days?” Think again. Murders, suicides, rail yard accidents, mill explosions, car wrecks and drownings were pretty much the order of the day. On our (occasionally irreverent) tour, you”'ll hear about some of the highlights of Minneapolis”' history and be introduced to some of the city”'s more outrageous low-lifes. We”'ll visit the graves of Harry Hayward, mastermind of Minneapolis”' crime of the 19th century, and the victims of the Macedonian Murders, the city”'s worst mass murder. And that”'s just for starters. This tour is co-sponsored by Friends of the Cemetery and the Hennepin History Museum. Suggested donation is $5.

What Would Your “Last Meal” on Earth Be?
Last Meal: What would be your last meal on earth and who would be your dining companions? Have a fun conversation with these questions as your starting point. The Last Meal celebration will feature gourmet sandwiches and desserts from The Salty Tart, a bakery owned and operated by nationally-acclaimed pastry chef, Michelle Gayer. The Salty Tart”'s sandwiches and pastries have received rave revues ”“ come see why she was nominated for a James Beard award and why she received four out of four stars from the Star Tribune.… Read the rest “THE Murder and Mayhem TOUR”

Former Sears Employees Gathered at Midtown Global Market

005.04 SearsLadies

by Megan Swenson
Former employees of the Lake Street Sears department store, located in the Midtown Exchange building from 1928 to 1994, returned to the site of their old workplace, now home to Midtown Global Market, for a reunion on Thursday, September 17.

This was the first trip back to the historic building for many since Sears closed its doors on December 31, 1994.
Joyce Wisdom, executive director of Lake Street Council, was excited that so many came back to the area. “Lake Street has changed immensely since 1994. It was fascinating to talk with these employees about their memories of Lake Street and how it has changed since they worked here.”

The group met for a reunion, a continental breakfast prepared by the chefs at Midtown Global Market, a tour of the Market and The Chicago condos, and had a chance to share stories about their former place of employment.

Inglourious Basterds & Cold Souls

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

Weinstein Company and Universal Pictures
Drama/War/Dark Comedy/Adventure
Running Time: 152 minutes
Director: Quentin Tarantino

It”'s Vichy 1941 and Hitler is occupying much of France. The unoccupied France (Vichy), is nervous, cautious and yet determined with the other Allies (U.S. hasn”'t entered quite yet, not until after Pearl Harbor), to overthrow the Nazi regime. Quentin Tarantino”'s Brad Pitt, playing an American Jewish avenger, Lt. Aldo Raine from the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, is a nod to Aldo Ray in Anthony Mann”'s 1957 war movie, “Men in War”.

If one has seen a Tarantino film, “Inglourious Basterds” isTarantino all the way with periodic moments of humor interwoven with the grisly scenes. Deliberately spelled wrong from an Italian action pac (1978) by the same title, Tarantino”'s version is only a quasi-remake. He divides “Inglourious Basterds” into five chapters starting with a teenage girl Shosanna Dreyfus (Melaine Laurent) escaping from Nazi Jew hunter Col. Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) and his Nazi band. Double spy Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger), Shonsanna, Raine, Lt. Archie Hicox (Michael Fassbender), General Ed. French (Mike Myers) have a clandestine operation to appear at the premier of the German propaganda film, “Nation”'s Pride” where the Nazi brass, Goering, Goebbels, Himmler and Hitler, will be present.… Read the rest “Inglourious Basterds & Cold Souls”

Sports Talk

By Ray Jay & Young Dex

We must start this edition with a warm heart felt congratulations to The Minnesota Lynx WNBA basketball team, that just missed the playoffs, by two games. A season in which star player, Siemone Augustas, suffered a season ending injury in game four. Congrats to Lynx head coach, Jennifer Gillom, for her ability to rally the team, and keep them very competitive, losing six games by three points or less. We predict that they will be one of the best teams in the WNBA come next season. From players to fans, the good spirits flowed all season long!
At press time, in the WNBA payoffs, defending WNBA Champion, the Detroit Shock, are up 1-0, in their best of five series against the Indiana Fever, in The Eastern Conference finals, and the Phoenix Mercury, are up 1-0, against the Los Angeles Sparks, in the Western Conference finals. Young Dex picks Los Angeles to win it all. I chose defending champion Detroit. The Lynx played well against all four of the finalist, during the regular season, while missing Ms. Augustus.

Will The Timberwolves be as successful? One would hope for a little more success, but only time will tell.… Read the rest “Sports Talk”


PART II, Where do we go from here?

By Raymond Jackson

This sequel to last month”'s, ”˜War On Drugs”' article will help to answer readers questions, such as Gina P. of South Minneapolis, who asked, “What do the officiados/doctors say  about this growing dilemma?

“What can we actually do about it?”

“What are some warning signs?”

This follow up article does contain excerpts from the initial article.

Remember that it”'s all about educating and saving lives!

Crack-cocaine continues to rage the inner-city, most particularly, inner-city communities with large populations of people of color. Methamphetamine has still not had a huge negative impact in these communities, even though it is cheaper than crack-cocaine. Do marketing strategies, by those making the most profits; have something to do with this dilemma? Absolutely, yes it does!

So who are the big profiteers of crack-cocaine sales?  Certainly not the low level street corner distributors. Nor is it the ”˜Scarfaces”', as main stream media would like to make us believe. The Tony ”˜Scarface”' Montanas, have a tendency to go out just like he did, and guess who steps right in to profit from his removal.  Perhaps they are different entities that take hold, seize, sale and profit.… Read the rest “THE WAR ON DRUGS HAS EXPANDED; Or Has It Really?”

“”¦There are those that use pain meds appropriately”¦”

As I sit in my pain clinic reading Mr. Jackson tear apart pain meds without acknowledging legitimate use, I find myself getting angrier every line I read. I did not ask to be on pain meds just like I did not ask to be hit while on a motorcycle by a truck by an ass text messaging while driving. The obvious omission of a small insert of “there are those that use pain meds appropriately as well as those who don”'t” pisses me off. I pointed this out to those that bring this rag to this office and was promised I would not see it here again. Write about all the people we see texting while driving. They are killing more people than pain meds!!!!!!! Write about something you actually LIVE instead of what you assume. I took your rag so that I can express my disgust to all the people who purchase ad space so they think twice before choosing to spend their money on your space. Lots of papers out there besides yours. I live & work in the area and am ashamed to be represented in such a non-objective way.

Lisa Widman

Editor”'s Note: Lisa Widman”'s objections are taken seriously and certainly illustrate how personal and significant all of the specific, underlying issues of health care generally become because they are so loaded with in-depth moral issues.Read the rest ““”¦There are those that use pain meds appropriately”¦””

Horsefly Swish

by Peter Molenaar

Unlike the pensive almost melancholy feeling induced, for example, by a visit to my childhood fishing haunts, the annual tour of the “Great Minnesota Get Together” is for me always an invigorating adventure. Jersey cows, fine arts, tractor prices, eco-technology, countryside crafts and preserves”¦

Then, after lightly caressing the giant pumpkins in the horticulture display, the “Pioneer Heritage House” was spotted. So enter, please. In their combined effect the representative household objects of my not-so-distant ancestors evoked the suspension of time. And then, oddly juxtaposed to everything else, there it was””the horsefly swish.

The creator of this “swish” lived in the glory days of the horse and buffalo culture. Crafted from half a horse”'s tail and an eight-inch shaft of polished pipestone, its original possessor was a distinguished and dignified hunter (Lakota warrior?). No doubt this object had served the ceremonial regalia even as the rider”'s mount appreciated its use in fending off biting flies.

Flash to Vietnam via Thanhnien”¦

Elders will recall the name: Lieutenant Calley of My Lai massacre fame. Calley just recently apologized for his role in the slaughter of hundreds of peaceful villagers some 40 years ago. “I feel remorse for the Vietnamese who were killed, for their families, for the American soldiers involved and their families”¦There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel remorse”¦I am very sorry.”… Read the rest “Horsefly Swish”

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