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Thursday June 20th 2024

‘News to Use’ Archives

News to Use: May 24

City of Minneapolis is accepting applications for a new African American Heritage Work GroupThe City is recruiting members for a newly formed African American Heritage Work Group. This body will serve as an advisory board to the City Council on efforts to document and honor African American history. Community members who are knowledgeable on the topic of African American heritage are encouraged to apply by May 12. Up to 15 community members will be included in the work group: 13 to be appointed by council members and two by the mayor. The work group will advise on the selection of 25 properties associated with Black history in the city to be surveyed for inclusion in a Minneapolis African American Historic and Cultural Context Study. At least three properties will eventually be nominated by the City for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. The African American Heritage Work Group will meet approximately every one to two months between July 2024 and June 2025. [...]

News to Use: April ’24

Get involved in planning for East Phillips Parks and Open Spaces Apply to become a Community Collaborator and help create a vision for Cedar Avenue Field Park and East Phillips Park. The MPRB’s Community Collaborator initiative is a paid opportunity for individuals and groups within the East Phillips community to host conversations and engage with residents about parks and recreation. The work of Community Collaborators will inform the design and priorities for the East Phillips Open Spaces Plan in 2024. Proposals to work as a Community Collaborator will be competitive, with funding paid to those whose proposals are selected. They should involve creative, innovative ways to engage different communities through digital platforms, in person, or both. Examples of Community Collaborations could include but are not limited to: Virtual coffee hour with community membersStory campaign with video interviewsCommunity open houseFocus group or community conversation Fill out [...]

News to Use March ’24

Free AARP class helps protect against online scams and crimeDo you know how to protect your online identity effectively? This is where AARP can help. Online scams and cybercrime remain on the rise, making it crucial to safeguard your passwords and keep your personal information private online. This free event will discuss basic precautions you can take to help protect yourself from cybercriminals, including tips to help you recognize the signs and avoid phishing scams. This FREE class is a partnership between The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and AARP to help people safeguard their identity online! Sign up today to reserve your spot for “Fraud: Vigilance Against Cybercrime”. FreeWednesday, March 6, 202410:30-11:30 amMary Merrill MPRB Headquarters2117 West River Road, Minneapolis MN 55411 Register at: Minneapolis property owners can enter lottery to buy low-cost treesCity offering 1,000 shade and evergreen treesMinneapolis [...]

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