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Thursday February 22nd 2024

Delivery and Communication

Home Delivery Sign Up

Use this Google Form to sign up for free mailbox delivery of the alley every month!

Note: We need at least 200 deliveries to be able to do this – please encourage your neighbors to sign up as well. Home deliveries are expected to start in April 2024. If we don’t reach our numbers, we will continue to accept sign ups until we do. Until then, you can always grab a copy of the alley in numerous public neighborhood locations: libraries, coffee shops, grocery stores. Concerns or issues? Email

Deadlines and Communications Sign Up

Use the form above to sign up for our deadline reminder email that goes out around the 5th of each month. Our writers care about, come from, and work on behalf of the Phillips Community. The deadline reminder email is the best way to stay up to date with the production of the alley newspaper.

Note: This list is occasionally (1-2x per year) used for important information from Alley Communications (community journalism trainings, major news about the organization). Concerns or issues? Email

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