Monday August 15th 2022

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Does Arson + “Accident” + Collusion = Demolition on Christmas Eve?

By Harvey Winje, Editor

The house once owned by Pauline Feldje, the maker of the first Minnesota Flag and other historic, cultural artistic productions, has been a controversial subject as the current owner wanted it demolished for parking until it was placed under a moratorium until its historic significance could be documented and evaluated.

Then there was a “fire”; apparently arson. Then a material delivery “accident” caused more damage to the building. So a building inspector conveniently declared the building “unsafe” and ordered it demolished on Christmas Eve when people, of course, are preoccupied and least likely to be aware or able to respond.

Proving, once again, “there”'s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Subsequently, the following week, the house was declared having Substantial “Historic Status” by the Historic Preservation Commission; “a day week late and a dollar short.” Don”'tcha lovbe it “when a plan comes together?”

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