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Monday July 22nd 2024

Light-emitting Sculpture Gets Green Light

“New Dawn” Sculpture and a New Bridge


Rendering of Heather Doyle’s “New Dawn,” a light-emitting sculpture to be installed alongside the Midtown Greenway’s 18th Avenue bridge in 2026. Artist Rendering Courtesy: Heather Doyle and Midtown Greenway Coalition

Coming Soon, relatively! In 2026, Heather Doyle’s brilliant, light-emitting sculpture — ‘New Dawn’ —(see also see below*) “will invite users to connect more deeply with our urban environment” as it becomes a beacon alongside the NEW 18th Avenue Bridge over the Midtown Greenway!
The Advisory Team for the proposed Midtown Greenway Light-emitting Sculpture has exciting news. The Minneapolis Arts Commission voted to approve the sculpture contingent upon subsequent approval by Minneapolis Public Works. For those new to this project, the sculpture is a project of the Midtown Greenway Coalition. It will sit at the top of the Greenway’s 18th Avenue entrance ramp. The sculpture will provide light and beauty, and serve as a memorable marker to help people find their way on and off the Greenway.
scottie hall, Advisory Team member, shared zir excitement “I love public art because it engages the community and, in this case, will embellish East Phillips with joy and enchantment. The Light-emitting Sculpture project will invite the East Phillips community and Midtown Greenway users to connect more deeply with our urban environment!”
Heather Doyle, the selected artist, is working with Minneapolis Public Works to negotiate design and placement issues, including what will happen to the temporary streetlight that now sits where the sculpture will be located. Spoiler alert, that light will probably be moved to a permanent location across the street on the east side of 18th Avenue South.
The sculpture will likely be installed after the 18th Avenue bridge over the Midtown Greenway is torn down and replaced in 2026. That gives the team time to raise at least $85,000 for sculpture construction and installation, insurance, and other costs.
Thank you to the growing list of funders and supporters, including Circulo de Amigos, the East Phillips Improvement Coalition, Ingebretsen’s, Alley Communications –the alley Newspaper, and the Southside Green Zone.

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