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Tuesday July 16th 2024

Alley”'s Gallery of Loss-August

Sideyard of 2512-14 Chicago Avenue looking East that is now the approximate location of the Skyway Connecting the east building of Children”'s Hospital to the new 800 car Parking ramp on the west side of Chicago Av.

Foreground: Wooden apple crate from the National Tea Grocery Store at corner of 25th St. and Chicago Av, Harvey Winje with family dog Tipper and his red J.C. Higgins bike from Sears Roebuck 5 blocks away. Back ground: A Chicago-Fremont route Twin City Rapid Transit streetcar passing by on Chicago Av. Behind the street car: the block of housing demolished in 1968 for the building of the first portion of Children”'s Hospital in 1969 by Bor-Son Construction Company under a new concept called “Turn-Key” Project in which it was all financed, designed, and built by the contractor and then paid for at the end. A new structural concept called post-tension cable construction was used which had been used locally near Loring by Bor-Son Construction for the first time in the Midwest on two, tall apartment buildings. It was a structural concept that strengthened floors subsequent to hardening of concrete and eliminated heavy beams thus minimizing the total exterior height of each floor. It resulted in minimizing the use of many building materials that extended the height of the building; i.e. exterior finishes, interior vertically piping, and interior wiring. Thus, structurally and socially Children”'s was built with post tension that remains today.

Photo Credit: Maybe Hilma or Paul Winje (Harvey”'s Parents), Clarence, Hazel or Paul Winje Jr., Dick or June Johnson (Harvey”'s sisters and Brothers), or best friend Bruce Koberstein from 912 East 25th Street. 1948 with “Box” camera

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