Tuesday May 30th 2023

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“To Catch the Glow”

By Wendell Phillips Stafford, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, from 1911 Centennial Speech

“”¦Not many men deserve to be remembered on their hundredth birthday; but Wendell Phillips”'s second centennial may be better observed than his first.  ”¦”

“”¦The battle has moved onward; there are fighters in the field.  It is not an hour for curse or lamentation.  It is an hour for consecration of knighthood, for vigil, and for vow.  We do not come to praise you, Wendell Phillips; you have received already your eternal great reward.  We have come to catch the glow of your great spirit and resolve to make our lives like yours.  Here, where a century ago your life began, we are gathered to celebrate your coming with deep thanksgiving and with solemn joy, pledging ourselves anew to the grand purpose to which your life was devoted”“a war against all oppression, for the liberty of all!”

* Excerpts of 30 Pg speech Nov.28th at Park St. Church, Boston

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