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Tuesday March 5th 2024

A Story Describing the Achievements of the ANCHOR FAMILY CHAT

Mr. Younger lives in the BYI area in an apartment building with 50 units.  Every day, he checks in on his neighbors and asks if there is any way he can help.  Just this week, he wrote three letters for neighbors who are unable to write because of having strokes.  He gets groceries for his neighbors who are homebound.  He even makes sure there is cake and ice cream in the recreation  room of his building when one of his neighbors has a birthday.

There are many elderly residents living on limited incomes in the building who had difficulty receiving their rental reimbursement checks.  They were falling behind in their rental payments, putting their housing security at risk.  Mr. Younger reached out to a contact at the Court House and was able to get a person to come out to the apartment  building to complete the necessary forms for them to continue receiving their rental reimbursements and keep their housing. – as told to an invited guest at an All CHATS meeting. 

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