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Thursday May 23rd 2024

Naomi goes from Welna Hardware to Banyan as a “key” person

By Naomi Mohammed, Banyan, Community Coordinator

“Naomi”'s Corner” just got bigger. Many of you will recognize a familiar face but in a new location. My name is Naomi Mohammed. I grew up in Phillips and have raised my five kids here as well. In February of this year I moved from working at Welna Hardware to Banyan Community.

In my new position as Community Coordinator with Banyan, I”'ve had the opportunity to contribute to the growing Lighthouse Network (LHN) program. LHN promotes community and safety throughout Phillips Neighborhood, teaching neighbors how to collaborate and take action with community building through block clubs. By acting as a resource for developing relationships between neighbors, I”'ve been able to witness neighbors from all across the Phillips coming together to help each other out by addressing needs of housing, crime, and even natural disaster related issues.

When heavy storms hit earlier this summer, a tree fell across a neighbor”'s yard, partially blocking the street. She discovered it, to her dismay, on the morning of her birthday. A few phone calls later and a team assembled in her front yard, composed entirely of neighbors and their family and friends. Within a few hours, the tree was reduced to a long pile of wood on her boulevard and the yard was cleared by people within a four block area in the Phillips neighborhood. This is just one example of the community benefits we reap through what LHN sows along with our efforts to cooperate and reach out to each other. The unity we experience that promotes our collective security is the harvest of our work together.

There are also health benefits to being part of community. It changes neighbors into friends; friends who look out for one another, who send a card if you”'re not feeling well or share their garden crop with you. Having a block club allows you to make those connections. National Night Out is a great example of people coming together. Each block party has its own feel but the idea is to start making those connections with your neighbors, to form a tradition amongst those on your block, something unique that you can all share and anticipate eagerly each summer.

If you are interested in more information about the Banyan or joining the Lighthouse Network, please contact me at or 612 722 8512; stop by (2647 Bloomington Ave.) or look Banyan up on the web; See you in the neighborhood!

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