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Monday May 27th 2024

St. Paul”'s Lutheran Church & In The Heart Of The Beast Puppet And Mask Theater to Expand Phillips Avenue of The Arts This Summer

photo_2Our goal is to “re-brand” Midtown Phillips as an arts destination through engaging neighbors to create powerful works of public art that connect the community.  Connected neighbors creating beautiful arts pathways will help build a safer, more united community.  Our plans include:

  • Build the May Day Parade route along Bloomington Avenue into a year round visual showcase for murals, banners, gatherings and performances.
  • Integrate native plantings and urban agriculture with mosaics, photography and poetry, along the “Green Arts Pathway” (First leg: 15th Avenue, Lake to 27th Sts.)
  • Implement quality workshops in murals, puppets, projection, theater, mosaics, poetry, stilt walking, photography and other arts at Heart of the Beast and St. Paul”'s, as well as in community gardens, residents”' yards and other groups.
  • Organize one-on-one conversations and actions with the Avenue of the Arts area, energizing the remarkable talents of Midtown Phillips people.
  • Train adults and youth artists in Midtown to be “Arts Pollinators” developing their artistic talents and building strong connections with other residents.
  • Develop formal and spontaneous celebrations along the Avenue of the Arts, to celebrate the neighborhood and invite others to join.

Watch for more details!

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