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Buy us a coffee! Set up a $5 donation each month to keep community journalism alive!
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News & Views of Phillips Since 1976
Wednesday June 12th 2024

The Alley Newspaper is”¦

Lifting Every Voice

Helping to distribute the annual “Phoenix of Phillips” magazine

“Raise Your Voice” column by Peter Molenaar

Franklin Learning Center stories

Connecting Neighbors

News from and by Ventura Village Neighborhood Association, Phillips West Neighborhood Organization, Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Improvement Association, and East Phillips Improvement Coalition

Photo documentation of “Amen Corner” produced by the Communities of Light/Rebirthing Communities of the BYI

Documenting History

The Alley Newspaper in numerous volumes at the public libraries

Tales from Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery

Tributes to elders who have passed on

Facilitating Deliberation

Phillips Aquatic Center: 4 Page Special Section and consistent articles on this development

Presenting various viewpoints on the Village Market Proposal Development

Updates on the Midtown Cepro Site Park

Advocating on Issues

Roof Depot Acquisition Proposal by City of Mpls.

Pedestrian Safety

Building Healthy Community

Backyard Initiative (BYI)

Back Page

Special gardening insert-2015 co-produced with the BYI Growing the Backyard CHAT

Helping to lead the BYI Communications CHAT (Community Health Action Team)

Promoting Art and Culture

In the Heart of the Beast Theatre history project and performances

Open Eye Figure Theatre performances

Semilla project coverage of photography, ceramics and poetry

Agitating for Change

Responsible journalism

Citizen involvement

Spirit of Phillips cartoons

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