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Sunday May 19th 2024

“The Lobster”



Rated: R

**** of Five Stars

“The Lobster” casts modern love relationships in dystopian form and also casts, somewhat in a cynical way, how society constantly insists on couples. David (Colin Farrell) finds out how cruel the world is when his wife leaves him and he”'s all alone. He seeks out a surreal compound where he has to find a mate in 45 days or be transformed into an animal, of course, of his choice. He chooses to be a lobster even though he has a dog with him.

Everybody is only known on a first name basis and the rules at the resort are rigorous. Violations of the rules can meet with punishment during the trial time. Men and women are required to attend seminars on relationships.

While David”'s at the resort he meets two other singles “Lisping Man” (John C. Reilly) and “Limping Man” (Ben Whishaw) trying to find a mate. But David tries to settle with a woman which doesn”'t work. When he escapes the resort he finds rebels in the woods led by “Loner Leader” (Lea Seydoux) who has her own authoritarian methods on her clan by discouraging any sexual attractions (at least openly). However, when David meets eyes with “Short-Sighted Woman” (Rachel Weisz) that changes for them both. Both devise a way of communications without being detected by “Loner Woman” or by the other rebels.

Director Yorgos Lanthimos (“Dogtooth” (2009)) in subtle tints of how stale, stilted and warped many 21th century “love” relationships have become.

One can see the grinding rituals at the hotel in formalities with outcomes in many cases of couples for the sake of being couples. Single life is simply forbidden after 45 days . If there”'s a horse or a cow or a dog, that means the person didn”'t find a partner in that time period.

Colin Farrell”'s performance is solid (the last truly solid performance by him is back “In Burges”, in 2008) and Rachel Weisz is very good as “Short-Sighted Woman”. “The Lobster” is quite off beat, a quirky film, unique though. It will not be everybody”'s liking.

Cast: Colin Farrell (David), Rachel Weisz (Short-Sighted Woman), John C. Reilly (Lisping Man), Ben Whishaw (Limping Man), Jaro (The Dog).

Running time: 118 minutes. Director: Yorgos Lanthimos.

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