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Sunday May 19th 2024

“The Truth Beneath” From the 36th Annual Minneapolis-St. Paul Film Festival

“The Truth Beneath”



A scandal may be on the way during an extremely close race that Eui-sung Kim (Noh Jae-soon) wins narrowly over Jong-chan (Ju- hyuk Kim).

Just as the elections will go national, Noh Jae- soon and his wife”'s daughter Kim Min-jin (Ji-Hoon Shin) goes missing. Noh Jae-soon tells Yeon-hong (Yeon-jin Son) to wait a day which Yeon-jin Son is appalled by his suggestion. She goes on her own search for her daughter when she runs into lies, secrets and conspiracy theories.

Country: South Korea. Running time: 102 minutes. Languages: Korean with English subtitles.Director:  Kyoung mi- Lee.  Cast. Ye-jin Son (Yeon-hong), Ju-hyuk Kim (Jong-chan), Eui-sung Kim (Noh-Jae-soon).

“Everything Else”


*** out of 5 stars

Dona Flor (Adriana Barraza) has worked at a government office for 35 years.  Dona”'s just doing her job in a perfunctory way finding little enthusiasm on or off the job. She shows weariness in her face day in and day out. Why?  Well, in large part, because her daughter has drowned, but there”'s no indication whether her daughter”'s death was a month ago or twenty years ago.

Dona is a very lonely person: no friends or boyfriend to lean on. She”'s no young person and when her cat mysteriously dies she seems even more depressed. Her clients at work seem like mechanical noise boxes and I was bored right her. Smothered by masses of people, largely women and children, getting on and off the crowded rail this lonely woman is oblivious to the distractions

Languages: Spanish in English subtitles. Running time: 90 minutes. Director:

Natalia Almada. Countries: Mexico/USA/France.

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