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Thursday February 22nd 2024

Annie Young, Phillips Elder has died

Statement by Brad Bourn, Mpls. Park and Recreation Board, President, early Jan. 23rd

Annie Young passed away this evening. Annie was the second longest serving Commissioner in the history of the Mpls. Park Board.

I”'ve directed Park Board Flag to be at half-staff until Jan. 31st. Like many, I”'m still processing this loss. I had the honor of serving with Annie for eight years. She was an early champion of so many of the values I base my work on today and had a leadership style that I try to emulate.

Annie has made our city better in countless ways. All of Mpls. owes her a debt of gratitude.

The MPBR will release an official statement soon and will work with Young”'s family to respect their wishes in recognizing the incredible contributions she has made to our parks.

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