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Augustana Lutheran Church is Relocating “”¦Now, it”'s a new day.”

Augustana Lutheran Church is Relocating “”¦Now, it”'s a new day.”

By Rev. David Spong* A “pillar””¦ for 146 years Augustana Lutheran Church, a pillar in the Swedish and Lutheran community for 146 years, is relocating to 1900 11th Ave. South. Church-members and friends will process to their new location on Sunday, May 6, where they will have their initial worship. Augustana will make this their new home in what has been the base for Community Emergency Services, a food pantry, shelter, and office for community outreach. C.E.S. is a ministry Augustana Lutheran Church initiated 41 years ago to minister to the needs of feeding the hungry and caring for people in this neighborhood. It was in 1971 that Minneapolis businessman, Russell Lund came to Augustana Church and approached Pastor Berg saying in effect, “I”'d like to give some money to help low income people in crisis situations.” In 1978 Augustana Church contributed $50,000 matched by Russell Lund to buy the Emmanuel Methodist Church on 11th Ave. Pastor Mark Peterson, director of C.E.S., stated, “We had worship space in this former Methodist Church that was underutilized. We are primarily a service center. We have space that will accommodate worship and fellowship for Augustana Church.” “Set Your Hands to Unfinished Tasks.” Says, Pastor Berg, in his 102nd year  The final worship service for Augustana at the 7th St. and 11th Ave. will be on Sunday, April 29, with Pastor William Berg preaching. Rev. Berg, who was pastor at Augustana from 1965-1980, will address the congregation on the theme of, “Set Your Hands to Unfinished Tasks.” Pastor Berg says, “There is still much work to do in this community. There are still people who are concerned. God”'s amazing grace is needed in our day especially.” Ann Carlson, a member of Augustana, commented that Community Emergency Services is the child of Augustana. Now the parents are moving in with their child. C.E.S. is near to our [...]

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