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Monday May 20th 2024

My Sister’s Ghost

from the series Raise Your Voice


A picture of the author with a black face mask reading 'Solidarity'
Peter Molenaar

Home again from ponderosa pine and snow-covered peaks…

Heidi Hernandez was an accomplished horsewoman who, for a living, scrubbed clean the places meant for tourists. Her children will carry forward her opposition to all forms of oppression.

In her memory:

If it is true (as some people say) that consciousness is a product of the evolution of matter. Then, let it be said that our Mother Earth gave birth to a splendid spirit… named Heidi!

To the gathering she declared: those who vote for Little-Boy-man will receive visits from my ghost. Naturally, son Micah’s Latina child plays with daughter Laura’s Asian-Indian babies… and then there is Lani.

Lani expresses an indigenous Hawaiian aspect, to which she has recently added expressions of significant affections for another female. Smile, please.

Which reminds me that, a few years ago, the Steel Workers Union convened here. I wrote at the time: two pink haired women holding hands marched among us. Hey, had they been attacked, their union fellows would have sacrificed themselves in their defense.

Yes, time flies. However, when we masses of millions of people embrace the spirit of self-sacrifice, no gathering of fascist-minded capitalists can prevent us from transforming the world.

Yes, some people say that my sister resides in heaven now…

Peter Molenaar advocates a broad united-front, even as he describes socialism as the future solution.

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