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We Want Your Ideas For Health Improvement! Backyard Initiative Update

We Want Your Ideas For Health Improvement! Backyard Initiative Update

by Janice Barbee, Cultural Wellness Center & Paula Fynboh, Allina Health System Join a BYI Citizen Health Action Team (CHAT) The Backyard Initiative has moved to a new phase. Community residents who live in the Backyard area (the Phillips neighborhoods, Central, Powderhorn Park, and Corcoran) are now meeting twice a month to develop projects that improve the health of residents. We want to involve more community residents in this work. If you have an interest in working with your neighbors on a health-improvement project, and/or if you have a great idea to bring to the dialogue, please join us. CHATs now meeting: 1. Rebirthing Community: Bringing Elders and Youth Together: Focused on bringing elders and youth together for a “rebirthing” of community. The team has discussed mentoring and visual arts as a way to bring the generations together. 2. Establishing Anchor Families: Seeking to establish “anchor families” on each block who can teach life skills and guiding values to youth as well as connect youth and their families to resources for wellness. 3. Mapping: Identifying the services that exist in the Backyard area which treat sickness and also those that prevent sickness. 4.  LGBT: Working to connect individuals from all cultures who are LGBT with the resources they need to be healthy and safe. 5.  Food and Nutrition: Focusing on finding ways to support healthy eating though accessibility to healthy foods and educating about healthy practices across cultures. 6. Dakota Language Revitalization: Keeping Dakota language and life ways alive and vibrant in the Dakota community. 7.  Alternative/Traditional Medicine: Educating community about natural and ancient ways to be healthy and well and connecting people to so-called ”˜alternative”' health practitioners for healing and wellness purposes. 8. Environmental: Looking at the impact of environment on the health of residents in the [...]

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