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What Democracy Looks Like

by Peter Molenaar From the November/December issue of “Teamster” magazine: Did you know that more than 750 Teamster women recently marched through downtown Minneapolis, coloring the city in a sea of pink and black rally signs? The chant “We”'re Teamsters! We fight! We fight for workers”' rights!” was amplified by sky-scraper acoustics. The refrain “Workers ”˜Yes”', Wall Street ”˜No”'” echoed”¦ The photo-journalist who covered the 2010 Teamsters Women”'s Conference depicted the event with a multi-racial/multi-national collage. One beaming face was adorned by the Muslim hajib. Message: no order of prejudicial exclusion is to be tolerated by our union movement. Did you know that some 600 Teamsters National Black Caucus members recently walked gallantly through the streets of Washington, D.C.? “Civil rights and workers”' rights go hand-in hand” was the theme. The 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King”'s “I Have A Dream” speech was commemorated. Truthfully, every page of the “Teamster” depicts the face of democracy. In his lead article “Corporations Vs. Working Americans”, General President James P. Hoffa states: (more…)

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