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Monday April 15th 2024

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Corrected past to remain “just” a story, replaced by “ trying to live a just life.”

by Frederick Fisher Dear Editor in Charge: Months ago I read an article in your paper from an ex-offender, who was maintaining his “Survival” in this world. Upon reading these, I was inspired to Continue my Journey in this world. Upon my walk I have been forced to deal with harassment from cops, since they”'ve discovered my status as an ex-offender and being Native American. I moved out of the city and into the suburbs of Minnetonka, hoping for a better life and free from the troubles of the inner city; only to discover scrutiny and racial profiling from these officers. What I am hoping for is that your paper will print this and give me some exposure, so that I can connect with people in the Community who may be able to help me with this problem. Because I do not live within the city limits of Mpls., the Police Review Authority will not investigate my complaints and the Chief of Police disposed of my written complaints. Please believe me, I am not one to [...]

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