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Random alley News

Random alley News

Complied by Lindsey Fenner Hazardous Waste Collection Event August 13 and 14 at South High Hennepin County will be accepting household hazardous waste Friday August 13 and Saturday August 14, 9AM-4PM at South High, 3131 19th Avenue South (enter off 21st Ave. S) Accepted from Households: Aerosols; Batteries (tape both terminals); CFLS and fluorescent lamps and HID lamps (limit 25); drain and oven cleaners; gas cylinders -- specialty gases less than 59 pounds (subject to evaluation); liquid cosmetics; mercury thermometers, paint, stain, varnish, solvents (limit three 5-gallon pails); pesticides; petroleum additives; pool chemicals; propane gas cylinders less than 50 lbs (subject to evaluation) Automotive: Antifreeze; auto paints; vehicle lead-acid batteries; gas, fluids (except oil), fuels Check the County website for the full list of guidelines: or call 612-348-3777 Be prepared to show your driver”™s license or other proof of county residence. Stewart Park Under Construction This Summer: Stewart Park at 2700 12th Avenue South will remain open while improvements are underway. Renovations include a new 6,000 foot multi-use field, pedestrian paths, and safety fencing along 26th Street. Stewart Rec Center is open for summer activities and programming. Phillips Area Traffic Safety Improvements: As part of its “Vision Zero” project to prevent severe injury and death from traffic crashes, the City of Minneapolis is beginning a project to improve traffic safety along 24th St., 26th St., 28th St., and Chicago Ave in Phillips. According to the City, ten years of traffic crash data showed many crashes in Phillips. The City Staff Contact for this project is Mike Samuelson, Look for  Kindertransport Exhibit on View at American Swedish Institute July 22- October 31: Through artifacts, audio testimonies and moving personal stories, the new exhibit explores [...]

Kid’s Summer Stuff!

Kid’s Summer Stuff!

Fun Activities for Youth at Parks and Libraries in and around Phillips Neighborhood COMPILED By LINDSEY FENNER Minneapolis Parks (to register and find even more activities go to https:// Contact the park for sched- ule changes and availability. East Phillips Park, 2399 17th Avenue South. 612-370-4888 Jr. Naturalists: Drop-In Discovery, Tuesday 5-7PM, through August Join us for no-touch or easily sanitizable nature exploring ”” such as meeting live animals, dissecting an owl pellet, playing water quality mini-golf, planting seeds, and much more! No need to register, just stop on by for free family fun! Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Land Back Mask Making: July 26-30, 2PM-5PM Free, ages 10-14, register online. The Artist in Residence (AiR) program will focus on Land Back Face Mask Making: An activity designed to educate and to gain the knowledge to care for Grandmother Earth. Sculpture by Dakota artist Graci Horne, who will be leading the mask making activities Phillips Park, 2324 11th Avenue South. 612-370-4946 Film Festival: Mondays through August 30, 6PM-8PM Each week Phillips Community Center will bring films to youth. We will showcase the creativity of film makers and facilitate discussion on cinema- tography. Youth will be a part of this program process and collaborate to pick films and topics to discuss! This activity is an ActivePass Program and a pass is required to participate. Please go to your neighborhood recreation center during business hours to sign up for a free ActivePass. Youth Adventures: Monday through Friday 1PM-6PM Free, ages 10-16, Youth Adventures at Phillips is the place to be! You can come get homework help, use the computer lab with our super fast WiFi from Comcast”™s LiftZone, play video/table games or join in on daily art/stem activi- ties! This activity is an ActivePass Program and a pass is required to participate. [...]

Midtown Phillips Festival

by Shirley Heyer Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, Inc. (MPNAI) invites you to enjoy music, food and community at its first annual “Midtown Phillips Festival,” an all-ages family event, Sat., July 23, at Stewart Park, 12th Ave. S. and E. 26th St. This is rain or shine, noon to 8 p.m. The park”'s gym will be available in case of rain. Co-sponsors with the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, MPNAI also presents this event in association with the city”'s annual Aquatennial Celebration that celebrates Minneapolis”' famous lakes, rivers and parks. This neighborhood does not have lakes or rivers but it does have parks and the Midtown Greenway! In celebrating its diversity, the neighborhood showcases numerous athletic contests for all ages throughout the day at the Ben Casey baseball diamond and new soccer field ”“ both funded through contributions from the Minnesota Twins. (more…)


By Patrick Cabello Hansel We can”'t say that Angel didn”'t know where to start this leg of his journey. He”'d been starting his whole life. Fits and starts. False starts. Start and stop, start and stop. Angel”'s problem was finishing. He”'d managed to graduate from Roosevelt””barely””and he vaguely remembered the platitudes the locally famous person of color had shared at the graduation ceremony: Believe in your dreams. Reach for the stars. Stay in touch. Good words, he thought, but he”'d spent the six months since then pretty much wandering through life, without a plan, That morning, in Mother Light”'s house, as he tenderly pulled on his jacket and bent over to tie his shoes, he spotted the webbed ornament in the window. “That”'s a dream catcher, right?” he said to Ana, who was waiting at the door. She smiled, nodded yes, then pointed to her eyes, to her heart, to her lips and then to Angel. He shook his head and wondered what manner of answer that was: was this beautiful young woman deaf? Or merely insane? “I wonder if it caught any of my dreams”, he muttered to himself. Ana handed him his backpack, which felt heavier to his bruised shoulders. She led him out the door and down the block to the little park. There was fresh snow on the ground, tender to their feet. It began to snow again, soft, huge flakes, the kind dogs and children love to catch on their tongues. She led him under a red pine, whose branches were heavily laden with snow. Angel thought that he saw her bow slightly. She smiled and then repeated the same motions with her hands as she had in the house: pointing to her eyes, to her heart, to her lips and then to him. Then she pointed to the tree trunk, where hundreds of woodpecker holes were bored into the rust red bark. By the time he thought of something to say, she had gone. Where now? He did not feel fear, even though his enemies were at large. He [...]

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