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Monday April 15th 2024

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SEARCHING ”“ a Serial Novelle: CHAPTER 10: Abuela

By Patrick Cabello Hansel “Mr. Bussey, I never used to believe in ghosts”, Angel said, as he wiped up his coffee with the napkins the waitress had brought. The other patrons at Maria”'s had gone back to their meals. “Oh, I”'d listen to my abuela when she told us stories about the spirits” he went on, “and when she made her special bread and chocolate for El Dia de los Muertos. She always said that our family was descended from Aztec warriors and Spanish conquistadors, and that the blood in us was really angel fire. Crazy stuff like that. But I didn”'t think much about it until these last couple of weeks.” “What happened to change your mind?” Mr. Bussey asked. “All this weird stuff has been happening to me. First I heard an owl calling from the cemetery”¦” “The sign of death”, Mr. Bussey interrupted. “Yeah””but whose? Then I met this girl named Luz, who I [...]

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