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Images from Line 3, Summer 2021

Images from Line 3, Summer 2021

By K. Flo Razowsky @FloWalksFree Photo story as it appears in the September issue of the alley 7/19/2021On the way to Line 3, to assert treaty rights and oppose the destruction caused by Canadian-owned private corporation Enbridge, as it clear-cuts the forests and drills under the rivers, to build the pipeline that will carry oil for overseas sales. Already many of the drilling sites along the rivers have caused frac-outs - polluting the water with chemicals 7/19/2021The six women chained during this action were arrested along with myself, on site as media. #ShellRiverSeven Women Horse Nation Riders going to support the Water Walkers. Coming from Pine River Crossing to Itasca, headwaters of the Mississippi, and drilling site of Enbridge”™s Line 3 pipeline. #RedRoadToDC at the sacred Shell River. Nations gathering from all directions for the water with #HorseNations to #StopLine3 It”™s not about taking away access to livelihood, it”™s about figuring out how to meet our needs without devastating the planet, and finally respecting the rights and sacred spaces of the original caretakers of these places. Firelight, a resistance camp at the headwaters of the Mississippi, where Enbridge drilling has caused multiple frac-outs: “...when drilling fluid penetrates fractured bedrock, or seeps or flows into the rock and sand that surrounds the bedrock and travels toward the Earth's surface. A frac-out frequently occurs as the result of excessive down-hole pressure caused by a poor choice of drilling fluids or poor drilling practices.”

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