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Eat Your Leafy Greens!

Eat Your Leafy Greens!

By MARY ELLEN KALUZA Summer is in full swing, and our local farmers markets are bursting with the first produce of the season. For several weeks now, enterprising farmers with hoop houses have been supplying us with breathtaking spinach, stunning kale, lovely arugula, and delicious Hakurei turnips, with their yummy greens (a great twofer vegetable!). Fresh vegetables at the local farmers markets are almost always less expensive than in grocery stores, not to mention far more nutritious, as they haven”™t languished in a far-off warehouse for weeks before reaching our refrigerators. Most vegetables start to lose nutrients the minute they are picked, and can lose 50 percent or more in less than a week. So, buying directly from the farmer who was up pre-dawn picking those leafy greens gets you the maximum goodness for your dollar. WHY EAT GREENS? Greens are probably the most nutrient packed food group. They are a great source of important minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium) and vitamins C, B, E, and K. Plus, greens have phytonutrients like beta-carotene and lutein. Lutein, for example, is shown to promote long term eye health, lowering the risk of cataracts. So, just like saving now in your 401K for retirement, eat your greens today to save your eyesight for those golden years. All of our body functions, not just our eyesight, depend on those essential nutrients. Eating greens is a smart investment in your future health. And buying at your local farmers market is a smart investment in your community. NEARBY MARKETS Four Sisters Farmers Market - 1414 E Franklin Ave, Thu 11-3Midtown Farmers Market - 3032 Minnehaha Ave S, Sat 8 - 1, Tue 3 - 7Mill City Farmers Market - 750 2nd St S, Sat 8 - 1Kingfield Farmers Market - 4005 Nicollet Avenue, Sun 8:30 - 1Farmers Market Annex - 200 E Lyndale Ave N, Sat ”“ Sun 7 - 1Nokomis Farmers' Market, 52nd & Chicago Ave S, Wed 4 - 8 BONUS for WIC PARTICIPANTS WIC [...]

Rep. Ryan”'s Bill is Robin Hood in Reverse: “Rob from the POOR and give to the RICH”

By Donna Pususta Neste Wisc. Rep. Paul Ryan sponsored a budget bill in the federal House of Representatives last year that would have: increased military spending, cut taxes for millionaires, raised Middle ”“class taxes plunged millions more into poverty by cutting SNAP (food stamps), the Women Infants and Children Nutrition Program (WIC), the Low Income Tax Credit all other Federal Gov”'t-funded nutrition. (more…)

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