Friday December 4th 2020

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Rave and Save Burma-Shave

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Was two blocks east

in 1882 when built,

Vine Congregation’s Church to be.

C. A. Anderson had no guilt,

Moving it in 1892

to everyone’s glee.


Burma-Shave/Vine Church Sidewalk Rally May 7th 2016

Loved by Americans including Gertrude Stein (who, in Everybody’s Autobiography wrote “I wish I could remember more of them, they were all lively and pleasing…. I wish I could remember them I liked them so much”),  Burma-Shave signs have been called part of “the national vocabulary” and have been installed in the Smithsonian Institution as relics of the 20th Century. Over 7,000 sets of signs using 600 individual poems were maintained in 44 states and were seen by untold numbers of drivers. It’s possible that through the 1920s, the Depression, World War II, and the 1950s, Burma-Shave’s poems were the most public, widely read verse in America.

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