Tuesday October 23rd 2018

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“Game Room”


****1/2 of Five Stars

A punk-rock band called “Ain’t Rights” are desperate for money, gas and gigs. Running out of luck the band members Pat (Anton Yelchin), Sam (Alia Shawhat), Tiger (Callum Turner), Reece (Joe Cole) and Amber (Imogen Poots) reluctantly accept a gig at white supremacist compound in back-woods near Portland, Oregon. The band gets on stage begin to play the1981 Dead Kennedys’ song “Nazi Punks Fuck Off!” to an audience of pro-white-pro-Nazi sympathies.

What happens next sparks the adrenaline to go through the roof. After the band retreats to the green room (dressing room) they a woman who’s been murdered on the floor. The neo-Nazis and the ringleader Darcy (Patrick Stewart) go after the kids, but the punkers lock themselves into the green room. Now the matter of wits among the band members is try to escape, but their nemesis won’t let that happen. Darcy has already given his men to kill them all. Patrick Stewart as Darcy is an outstanding performance as the methodical mind of the compound. He states: “Now, whatever you saw or did is no longer my concern. But let’s be clear, this won’t end well”.

Director Jeremy Saulnier’s (“Blue Ruin”) savvy film in the Hitchcockian mold where the psychotic twists are not always obvious or expected.

This claustrophobic thriller is the most in entiring film of its kind this year. (R)

Cast: Anton Yelchin (Pat), Alia Shawhat (Sam), Imogen Poots (Amber), Joe Cole (Reece), Patrick Stewart (Darcy)and Callum Turner(Tiger).

Director: Jeremy Saulnier. Running time: 94 minutes.

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