Friday June 5th 2020

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Raise Your Voice: Consuming the orange coronafruit



April 14…
Most of the day was spent responding to text messages and calls of concern. Comrade Harry had entered Hennepin County’s ICU (COVID-19). Blood oxygen was dangerously low, and failed to improve.

January 8…
The CDC issued a warning.
January, February, March…
Eight campaign rallies and five golf trips are interspersed with, “its a hoax… the corona virus is very much under control… stock market looking very good to me.”

April 2…
The economy is imploding and 35 million U.S.A. citizens are in line to loose their private health insurance.

March 3…
After having passed through two sites of infection (Seward Co-op and May Day Cafe) I visited East Lake St. Allina Clinic, but was not tested (no tests available)… I thought, as a senior with damaged lungs that I might die should the symptoms emerge… was not even placed on a prioritized list!

March 4…
The East Lake St. Walgreens had no disinfectant at the check-out counters!

March 20…
Busy cashiers at the 1700 East Lake Stop-N-Shop were frantically disinfecting after each customer, but nobody was disinfecting the gas pump handles!

March, April…
I regularly wage a one person online campaign to have our country’s ethanol supply deployed as a mass disinfectant… but fail miserably.

April 17…
I spent much of the day conveying to friends: in a comatose state of being, Harry’s condition has deteriorated over the night…

Thankfully, my undiagnosed symptoms have remained mild for about two weeks.

A Texas senator (the one with small hands) is complaining about all the “free stuff” us regular folks crave… stuff like Medicare and Medicaid. Gosh, Senator, you represent the 10% which owns 80% of our country’s wealth, and your people pay a lower tax rate on stock dividends than we pay on wages. Never mind that labor is the source of all wealth, including the wealth most of your 10% are simply born with. Right, Senator?

Note: Sadly, the orange coronafruit has been consumed by the “under educated” lot of the GOP base.

Truthfully, the “inevitable crash” was predicated by Trump’s “great tax break” for the parasite class, even as many had foreseen a looming pandemic. So, here we are. I say we demand single-payer universal health care (Medicare for All) or we make the revolution. What do you say?

Remembering Comrade Harry by Peter Molenaar

Covidiots Rally
April 19, COVID-19
Passing from a coma to beyond
Mariana held his hand
Take a deep breath…
Stars and stripes seek
access to watering holes
nurses face exhaustion and death

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