Wednesday June 7th 2023

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Raise Your Voice: Consuming the orange coronafruit



April 14”¦
Most of the day was spent responding to text messages and calls of concern. Comrade Harry had entered Hennepin County”™s ICU (COVID-19). Blood oxygen was dangerously low, and failed to improve.

January 8”¦
The CDC issued a warning.
January, February, March”¦
Eight campaign rallies and five golf trips are interspersed with, “its a hoax”¦ the corona virus is very much under control”¦ stock market looking very good to me.”

April 2”¦
The economy is imploding and 35 million U.S.A. citizens are in line to loose their private health insurance.

March 3”¦
After having passed through two sites of infection (Seward Co-op and May Day Cafe) I visited East Lake St. Allina Clinic, but was not tested (no tests available)”¦ I thought, as a senior with damaged lungs that I might die should the symptoms emerge”¦ was not even placed on a prioritized list!

March 4”¦
The East Lake St. Walgreens had no disinfectant at the check-out counters!

March 20”¦
Busy cashiers at the 1700 East Lake Stop-N-Shop were frantically disinfecting after each customer, but nobody was disinfecting the gas pump handles!

March, April”¦
I regularly wage a one person online campaign to have our country”™s ethanol supply deployed as a mass disinfectant”¦ but fail miserably.

April 17”¦
I spent much of the day conveying to friends: in a comatose state of being, Harry”™s condition has deteriorated over the night”¦

Thankfully, my undiagnosed symptoms have remained mild for about two weeks.

A Texas senator (the one with small hands) is complaining about all the “free stuff” us regular folks crave”¦ stuff like Medicare and Medicaid. Gosh, Senator, you represent the 10% which owns 80% of our country”™s wealth, and your people pay a lower tax rate on stock dividends than we pay on wages. Never mind that labor is the source of all wealth, including the wealth most of your 10% are simply born with. Right, Senator?

Note: Sadly, the orange coronafruit has been consumed by the “under educated” lot of the GOP base.

Truthfully, the “inevitable crash” was predicated by Trump”™s “great tax break” for the parasite class, even as many had foreseen a looming pandemic. So, here we are. I say we demand single-payer universal health care (Medicare for All) or we make the revolution. What do you say?

Remembering Comrade Harry by Peter Molenaar

Covidiots Rally
April 19, COVID-19
Passing from a coma to beyond
Mariana held his hand
Take a deep breath”¦
Stars and stripes seek
access to watering holes
nurses face exhaustion and death

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