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Thursday June 20th 2024

Xcel Energy Letter to South Minneapolis State to Hold Public Hearing on Hiawatha Project

Power lines before”¦

”¦and proposed after according to Xcel visualization

By Betty Mirzayi, Hiawatha Project Manager

The Hiawatha Project is entering another regulatory phase and, once again, we are asking you to get involved. Recently you and your neighbors received a postcard about upcoming meetings involving this project. We encourage you to participate and offer your input on this very important investment in your community”'s electric infrastructure.

On Wednesday, February 10, the Office of Energy Security will hold a public meeting and comment session on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The statement can be viewed at the following Web site:

For information about the public meeting and how you can submit your comments in writing visit.
The need for the Hiawatha Project is driven by increases in population, increased use of consumer electronics and other electrical devices, and economic growth in south Minneapolis. The existing infrastructure that serves these homes and businesses is not adequate to meet the current and projected demand for electricity in the area. We are committed to serving these customers in a manner that considers the needs, concerns and priorities of our community.

Xcel Energy proposes to construct two new 115-kilovolt transmission lines and two new substations in the Midtown area. Our route permit application proposed four separate route alternatives and five design options. Options included both underground and overhead designs.

We respect the preference of some residents to locate the proposed transmission lines underground and we continue to talk with city and county officials to identify ways to pay for the costs of burying the lines and to mitigate the impact of the other route options and design alternatives.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will review all of the information it receives during the environmental review process and contested case proceeding to make a decision regarding the route and whether it will be underground or overhead.

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities to share your views and concerns about the Hiawatha Project. Working together, we can find the solution that will benefit South Minneapolis now and in the future.

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