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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Maria Hoyos and Maria”'s Café Honored by the City

Are you curious what “working hard and staying strong can do?”

by Raymond Jackson

Maria Hoyos and her Café”' that she owns and operates received a Business Resolution award from Mayor R.T. Rybak and The Minneapolis City Council on January 29th. Maria”'s Café”' located at 1113 East Franklin Avenue, in the Ancient Traders Market, was recognized by the city for having been in business at this location for 10 years.

Having to overcome a variety of challenges leading to her success, the resolution presented to Mrs. Hoyos read: Maria”'s Café has helped to improve the city of Minneapolis and the Phillips Neighborhood.”'

Arriving in Minneapolis from Columbia, in 1979, Maria Hoyos brought with her a wealth of business experience. Combining that experience with her ability to prepare and present good food and good service, Maria opened Maria”'s Breakfast Club in 1993. Her dream of a full scale restaurant was kept alive and she added her private catering and country club experience to receive the opportunity to open Maria”'s Café, on East Franklin Avenue, in 1999. This opportunity was presented to her by The American Indian Neighborhood Development Corporation (new name of which is Great Neighborhoods Development Corporation).

Maria”'s continues to flourish, offering breakfast and lunch seven days a week and to make a difference, not just in the Phillips Community, but in the entire city of Minneapolis. Maria”'s assortment of specialty pancakes and other delightful treats keep people coming from all around.
“I really enjoy helping those in need, because my family and I know what it”'s like to not have. I try to encourage others to work hard and stay strong as they follow their dreams. It is good the way the neighborhood makes us feel very accepted and I am very proud that they gave me a chance at success,” says Maria.

I recommend treating yourself and your family to breakfast or lunch soon at Maria”'s.

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