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Friday July 19th 2024

Are you curious about a bamboo shirt or hemp socks? Bamboo, Cotton, and Hemp Clothing add comfort and sustainability

by Paul Wallick and Raymond Jackson

Many people are becoming more eco-friendly, by recycling and reducing waste. Global changes conditions suggest these are a much needed and appreciated lifestyle changes. There is also increased awareness of how other practices will help the environment and the sustainability of our planet as well.

The fabrics we wear and use can be a huge contribution to our own comfort but also to the more natural and less harmful impact on the earth. Bamboo, hemp and organic cotton use is on the rise to help combat waste.

Bamboo, at first feel, one notices the softness and comfort ability, while learning more about its eco-friendly existence. Because of bamboo”'s natural properties, which include moisture wicking, (keeps you dry); anti-microbial,(reduces odor); thermal regulating, (keeps you a few degrees cooler in the summer and a few degrees warmer in the winter); the t-shirts, shorts, pants and socks, are wonderful for yoga, bicycling and just an overall active lifestyle. In addition, bamboo is grown organically with no pesticides and fertilizers, which make it a healthy choice for you and the Earth!
Hemp fabric is four times stronger than cotton, so it lasts longer and gets softer with each use. Hemp is breathable, so it also keeps you be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter! Requiring very little water, hemp leaves topsoil in great shape and it resists bacterial growth.
Organic cotton is grown in chemical free fields and helps drastically to reduce the pesticides and fertilizers used in regular cotton growing. Organic cotton is perfect for people with sensitive skin, allergies or irritations. Organic clothing makes for healthier families.

One customer said, “I purchased a pair of the EarthVitality socks, and have never had a more comfortable pair of socks in my life. They are quickly spoiling me. My feet just feel so at ease. I highly recommend them to others.”

Chemical free and organic baby”'s teething rings, storage jars, bio-degradable water bottles and travel mugs, as well as cleaning products and much more are available at EarthVitality, located on the south end of the Global Market, Lake Street and Chicago Avenue, in South Minneapolis. For more information call, 763-213-7265.
Paul Wallick, is owner of Earth Vitality.

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