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Sunday May 19th 2024

“Blooming Town” at MayDay Festival ”“ Powderhorn Park – May 6

By “Blooming Town”Â  Town Council

As this year”'s MayDay Parade flows into Powderhorn Park culminating its trek since 1 PM along Bloomington Avenue from 26th Street to 34th Street; “Blooming Town” will miraculously emerge on the ball fields at the end of the Parade in Powderhorn Park. “Blooming Town” created by Southside residents and supported by In the Heart of the Beast Theater,  is a hands-on space for learning, action, and community collaboration around moving our community beyond dependency on dirty energy. Join us for:

Activities on growing food, energy solutions, and sustainable transit

Get support taking action yourself

Dialogue with neighbors on ways to create solutions locally

Join teams who are taking action in the neighborhood

Blooming Town is part of the broader MayDay theme of the transition beyond fossil fuels.

Today”'s economy relies on abundant fossil fuels ”“ oil, coal and natural gas ”“ to produce our food, clothes, homes, medicine, transportation and more. We are using more fossil energy and finding less. What remains is lower quality, harder to get, more expensive, dirtier, and more dangerous. Dirty energy hurts the health of our community, drains our financial resources, and threatens the local and global environment. Transitioning away from fossil fuels means learning to live well while using less energy, developing renewable energy sources like solar and wind, and making our communities more self-sufficient and adaptable. This transition is being led by local communities across the world.

In summer 2011, local transition town groups and individuals, with In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, proposed that MayDay 2012 be a grand unleashing of local transition. Transition town was named as the Festival theme and community volunteers created teams to share ways to join the transition movement with MayDay friends. These teams are working on energy, food and compost, and transportation. Please join us in the build process of the parade, through Blooming Town, and after the parade by as we enact the future imagined at this year”'s May Day.

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