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Sunday March 3rd 2024

Spectacular May

By Harvey Winje

In the Heart of the Beast”'s MayDay Parade and Festival, hallmarks a new Spring season and the month of May which is full of other wonderful events in the neighborhoods surrounding Powderhorn Park, the destination of the Parade and the site of the Festival of Life that will draw tens of thousands of people on Sunday May 6th.

The Parade and Festival – originated to help unite the neighborhoods surrounding Powderhorn Park – has now,  broadened becoming a unifier of individuals, groups, and organizations city-wide, an icon of the City of Mpls. nationally, and, this year, embellished by including the local “Transition Town” movement as an “umbrella” theme that advocates for a more sustainable, oil-independent place to live in South Minneapolis and across the globe.

The hundreds of people creating the Parade and Festival have chosen their focus from  HOBT “Avalon” Lobby Story Board and auditorium/workshop workbench banners spelling out the Parade”'s Title and Parade Scene Themes.   As workshop participants have been invigorated, so, too, will Parade participants and Parade watchers be transfixed and transformed by MayDay 2012.

In any other part of town the MayDay Parade and Festival would eclipse other activities through the month.  In the BackYard Neighborhoods of Central, Corcoran, East Phillips, Little Earth, Midtown Phillips, Phillips West, Powderhorn Park, and Ventura Village the vitality and height of celebration and activities continues throughout the month invigorated by this “Kick-Off” to Spring and catalyst for community in our community.

See Pages 6 & 7 for an “Abridged” Guide to the 2012, 38th Annual MayDay Parade and Festival of Life And where   Parade Title and Scene Themes are listed and explained.  Bring it and the announcement of other events with you all month long.  Have a great month of May!  May your enjoyment of the month only be exceeded by peacefulness for you in this turbulent time.

Parades, processions, celebrations, & community gatherings.

Occupy May 1

American Indian Wellness Fair

Cinco de Mayo: 4th & Lake 27th, Bloomington & Lake, 27th & Lake

Grand Re-Opening: Phillips CC

Mother”'s Day, the bringers of all life: LE Pow- Wow

Graduation commencements: All schools

Season Return: Midtown & Midtown Exchange Farmer”'s Markets

Memorial Day:  Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery celebration

Theatre:  El Taller; “Theatre of the Oppressed Forum style”


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