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Sunday March 3rd 2024

Voter Registration at the Amen Corner

Thursdays & Fridays from 4:00 pm to 7:00pm through october 14th

Thrones Plaza Peavey Park, Chicago/Franklin intersection food -  drink -  open microphone – entertainment

The Amen Corner open microphone community listening sessions were created by the Ventura Village Neighborhood a year ago July 23, 2011 and are held every Thursday and Friday at the Thrones Plaza of Peavey Park.

Whatever the weather or season, we bring our microphones, food and drink to engage people, to hear what people think about our neighborhood and to document voices, to report their visions and concerns back to our neighborhood organization for action.

We have created a culture of tolerance, safety, recovery and intermingling of youth and elders at Peavey Park and the Chicago/Franklin Intersection.

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