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Thursday June 20th 2024

Backyard Initiative

The Backyard Initiative is a dynamic partnership between Allina Health and its neighbors to improve the health of residents in the seven neighborhoods immediately surrounding the Allina Commons, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, and the Phillips Eye Institute. In collaboration with the Cultural Wellness Center, the Backyard Initiative supports residents as they draw upon their own knowledge, skills and cultural values to care for themselves, their families and their neighbors. Research shows that social conditions ”“ including isolation and a lack of social support ”“ have a profound impact on health.

Backyard residents have formed Citizen Health Action Teams (CHATs) that implement prevention and wellness pilot projects to improve community health. Check out information about the Backyard Initiative and all of the CHATS at:

Alley Communications provides leadership and representation to the COMMUNICATIONS CHAT. Together, the Backyard Initiative, Alley Communications and the Communications CHAT are proud to invite you to this wonderful event where we celebrate the wellness and vitality of our Backyard Community through so many vibrant ways of communicating: Spoken word, song, poetry, cartoons, speaking, and conversation. Come and find out more about the Backyard Initiative CHATS! Discover what Alley Communications has in store for the coming year! Be a part of it all! See you there! 612-990-4022 or

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