Monday August 15th 2022

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Dee Henry Williams: Amen Corner Planning Team and Stage Manager

Left: Dee Henry Williams; Right: Barbara LeShoure

Alley Communications is delighted in having Dee Henry Williams”' amazing energy and talents to help coordinate and stage-manage the incredible talent at A Media Social on November 16th.  Dee has been a volunteer for 25 years at KFAI Fresh Air Radio. She produces a weekly radio program, A Great Blend of Watercolors, Saturdays, 6:00-9:00 A.M.  She also supports indie labels specifically from the Blues, R&B, and Gospel genres.

Dee has programmed at KMOJ Community Radio and WRNB and worked on numerous cable TV productions in the Twin Cities.  Her multiple talents have also been contributed to the annual May Day Parade led by Heart of the Beast Theatre.  Dee is a member of the Backyard Initiative”'s Rebirthing Community CHAT team.

As a textile artist, Dee uses blue-jeans to produce mask-making workshops.  Her Art for Healing & Celebration workshops help participants think outside the box, be introspective, de-mask and experience the exhilaration of living in the moment.  Some of her exhibited art can be seen on her website,

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