Saturday September 30th 2023

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100th Tale: From Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery

004.01b Tales photo AlleyGatesThank You Sue Hunter Weir

Alley Communications, on behalf of hundreds of families and thousands of individuals express our tremendous appreciation to Sue Hunter Weir, local resident historian and writer of 100 “Tales from Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery.”

The lives of many people have been enriched by her extensive research, honoring of personal stories and legacies, anecdotes, statistics, and personal quotations woven into 100 narratives . Each of the 100 Tales has its own engaging stories so it is remarkable that she can end each “Tale”; the secret of anticipation that keeps readers awaiting the next Tale. Readers need not fear the end of the Series because about 28,000 people (7,000 were moved, but their stories remain) have been buried at this place formerly Layman”'s Cemetery at Lake Street and Cedar Avenue.

These stories live on in family photo albums and scrapbooks, websites and oral storytelling traditions. Alley Communications is honored and pleased to have been able to be the exclusive first publisher of these “Tales”.

Sue Hunter Weir”'s vivid, respectful sharing of these stories helps us to appreciate the past, gain insight into the context of those times, draw connections to our present and underscore the words of Chinua Achebe, “the story is our escort; without it we are blind.” Thank you, Sue, for “escorting us” through those cemetery gates. Read the 100th Tale right here— “The longer you lived, the longer you were likely to live.”

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