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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Backyard Initiative TEENS Project

8.10b v38#12 BYI Youth PhotoCarl Lobley, member of the Teens Project

We are honored to have this opportunity to formally introduce ourselves to the general public on the BYI Back Page as the official youth organization known as the TEENS Project of the Allina Backyard Initiative. This is the first of many accomplishments we have achieved as we progress into the New Year.

Our mission is simply this: “The persistent pursuit of positive progression through the growth/development of youth leaders who can effectively represent the new demeanor and mindset affiliated with healthy living”. We believe this swagger will promote a healthy state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being while also instilling a sense of financial independence, balance, harmony, and connectedness within and amongst many systems.

We are currently in the process of developing effective strategic partnerships and business models with the wisdom, guidance and support of our incubator organization, the Cultural Wellness Center. We are assisting the Cultural Wellness Center in the revitalization of one of its many traditions by attempting to create a safe and welcoming training system that would aid in developing a teamwork environment that we believe to be a good way to demonstrate dedication to the mission.

Another accomplishment we are extremely proud to announce is that we have begun conversations with two other BYI CHAT teams: Communications and Growing the Backyard. Both are working closely with the TEENS Project leadership to create replicable, recurring work opportunities so that teens can have some form of income while developing their strong leadership skills. Then teens can implement their Rights of Passage (ROP) approved entrepreneur business models that will promote a self-reliant community that has unleashed the power to heal itself by supporting the local businesses and business owners who contribute in developing these models.

We here at the TEENS Project hope and believe that as we boldly brave our way into the 2014 year with the strategic support and collaboration of various social systems, business owners, and BYI chat teams, we can, and will, sculpt this new lifestyle image to be extremely desirable, obtainable, maintainable, and imitable throughout the community. Thank you.

For more info on TEENS Project, please call the Cultural Wellness Center, 612-721-5745, or reach us on Facebook, TEENS PROJECT#LINK UP.

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