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Sunday May 19th 2024

Latino/a Environmental Health Begins at Home CHAT (Lehbah)

BYI Special supplement products #1Sample of safe cleaning products used by LEHBAH CHAT members when cleaning or teaching others about safe cleaning methods for their homes.

Some of the highlights of LEHBAH”'s achievements in 2013 include:

The LEHBAH CHAT has largely been comprised of only women in the last several years.  This is most likely because the key activity of the CHAT has   “safe cleaning methods”. However, for the first time, 2 men joined and remained committed to the work of the CHAT.

LEHBAH has moved from just one method of educating about environmentally safe and culturally appropriate cleaning methods to a more flexible approach that considers what might be more comfortable ways for people to take in the information. For example:

hosting a cleaning session where extended family, friends and neighbors can attend so that it feels more like a community gathering than just a cleaning event.

conducting one-on-one sessions. This method works especially well with single men who live alone in apartments or single-room occupancy situations.

LEHBAH has also intentionally added this question to their information exchange sessions: “If you had an emergency in your home or apartment, who would you call?” This simple question has helped people to think about reaching out and getting to know their neighbors and start to build trusting relationships so that their is someone to call in emergency situations such as vandalism, fire, falls, etc.

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