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Wednesday June 12th 2024

Rebirthing Community CHAT ~ Communities Of Light Co-Operative

Amen Corner Marketplace

Solar Generator Workshop

Communities of Light Co-operative, (COL) created the co-op, its workshops and products to help members achieve personal solvency and self-sufficiency as gateways to eliminate isolation, improve physical and spiritual health of the BYI communities.  The co-op model empowers members with tools for energy conservation and independence and experience in new business models and entrepreneurial opportunities.  It also provides the means for employment, financial solvency, and self-sufficiency.

Rebirthing Community is a strong spoke in the BYI CHAT wheel.  We looked at the socio-economic status of the community and assessed that we are healthy when we have personal solvency and self-sufficiency. Our community is in need of these gateways in order to improve physical and spiritual health.

We reached out to our network of internal/external consultants, co-op members, etc. to create a viable model.  For example: MADDADS provide workshop participants and decorates solar lanterns; Minneapolis Transition Charter School  produces the basic solar generator cart; we participated in the last 3 May Day Parades coordinated by In The Heart of the Beast Theatre; participated in MGM”'s Annual Musical Festival where we demonstrated and sold our products and recruited workshop participants.


Communities of Light, through its Solar Lantern and Solar Generator Workshops have:

  • Conducted over 150 workshops and empowered more than 200 families.
  • Introduced over 1000 people in our community to a message of self-sufficiency and the need to develop independent energy strategies.
  • Hosted Amen Corner Market Place, providing the opportunity for the community to speak their truth and be a part of a safe environment for more than 1,000 community participants.
  • Created large inventories of solar lanterns and personal portable solar electric generators for sale within our store and display room.
  • Opened fully equipped Communities of Light Solar Store & Showroom with demonstration models of the portable generators and lanterns in January 2013.

Communities of Light store location:  Midtown Global Market, 920 East Lake Street, Suite 137, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

Amen Corner Marketplace

Amen Corner Marketplace

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  1. Thank you Alley Newspaper for the positive article about Rebirthing Community CHAT and Communities of Light Co-operative.

    Our co-op members will use this article to push forward their self-sufficiency quest.

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